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Making a difference for nearly forty years!

Miami University’s gerontology academic programs date back to the 1970s. The Master of Gerontological Studies program was founded in 1977, the BA in Gerontology in 2000, the PhD in Social Gerontology in 2005 and the Master of Population and Social Gerontology in 2010. We now have nearly 500 gerontology alumni from those four programs, and an estimated 700+ alumni with the gerontology minor. Our alumni are out there making a difference around the world!

This page is devoted to our gerontology alumni. Here we will highlight your accomplishments, post alumni photos, invite you to connect with us online or at upcoming events, and make it easy to update your contact information and support current students.

If you are an alumni and want more information about how to connect, please contact Pamela Mayberry, MGS.

Members of the Alumni Advisory Group

BA in Gerontology
Julia Creswell Larimer ’15, Director of Community Life Services, Christian Village at Mason
Ross Farnsworth ’09, Executive Director, The Knolls of Oxford

Master of Gerontological Studies
Chelsea Gilchrist ’14, Program Associate, Center for Healthy Aging at NCOA
Julie Kaminski ’00, Senior Vice President and CEO, Immanuel Communities
David Mancuso ’99, Partner & Director of Sales, Troon Technologies
Kathryn Myles ’91, Alumni Relations, Miami University
Quanhong Qiu (Cho) ’01, Executive Director, Compassionate Community Care
Marisa Scala-Foley ’95, Director, Aging and Disability Business Institute, n4a
Abby Schwartz ’05, Assistant Professor, East Carolina University

PhD in Social Gerontology
Sarah Boehle ’15, Assistant Professor, Shawnee State University
Anna Rahman ’11, Research Assistant Professor, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
Taka Yamashita ’11, Associate Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Alumni Spotlights

Be curious.

Julie Kaminski with caption, "We need more curios people in the field. When our curiosity id tapped, innovation starts to happen and we can see things a little bit differently."

"That is one thing that I remember working with Suzanne Kunkel on a couple of research projects and her saying, 'challenge what it looks like on the surface and dig in a little bit deeper.' So I think being curious and not accepting things at face value. We need more curious people in this field. When our curiosity is tapped that innovation starts to happen and we can see things a little bit differently."
– Julie Kaminski, MGS 00'

Julie Kaminski, (MGS '00) shares the story of her experience as an MGS student, career path, and offers advice to students.

Using Data to Inform Federal Programs

“.... the MGS program ... really felt to me like a place to grow in my areas of interest. I don’t remember feeling dissuaded from going down a path that not many were going down. Faculty were supportive in the area of my interest, but they also exposed me to complimentary topics, issues, and methodologies.”
– Heather Menne, MGS '01

Heather Menne, (MGS '01) shares the story of her academic and career path and offers advice to students.

A Commitment to Quality In-Home Services

Quanhong “Cho” Qiu  (MGS ’01)

“I wouldn't have today’s success without the wonderful education and support I’ve received from Scripps. It has enabled me to successfully launch Compassionate Community Care (CCC) and keep it growing to serve many people in the San Francisco Bay Area.”
– Quanhong “Cho” Qiu, MGS ’01

Quanhong “Cho” Qiu (MGS ’01) discussed her career in gerontology with us and shared advice to current students who are studying gerontology.

Shaping National Policy

"Where Miami really stands out is the ability to work directly with some of the top leaders in the field."
Marisa Scala-Foley, MGS '95

Marisa Scala-Foley (MGS '95) explains why Miami was her top choice for her masters in gerontology. Marisa is the Director for the Office of Policy Analysis & Development at the Administration for Community Living.

Alumni News

Stay tuned for details about upcoming gatherings in 2019

Alumni Gathering

Alumni Gathering

Alumni Advisory Group Advisory Meeting

Gerontology Alumni Advisory Group inaugural meeting

Our alumni are part of Scripps Gerontology Center's legacy.

On August 1, 2016, Scripps Gerontology Center convened the inaugural meeting of the Gerontology Alumni Advisory Group.

Several exciting ideas were shared. The group agreed that subcommittees should be formed to address two broad initiatives that emerged from the discussion ...

Heather Menne is 2017 Cottrell Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Heather MenneWe are pleased to announce that Heather Menne is the recipient of the 2017 Cottrell Distinguished Alumni Award.

A 2001 graduate of the Master of Gerontological Studies program, Heather went on to earn a PhD in Sociology with a concentration in Sociology of Aging and Medical Sociology from Case Western Reserve University in 2006.  ...

Alumni making connections - face-to-face and online

Alumni gathering at the 2016 GSA conference

A highlight of the 2016 GSA Conference in New Orleans in November was gathering with many of our alumni at our 2nd Annual Alumni Networking Break. Gerontology program graduates were able to reconnect with old friends and faculty members and meet some of our current gerontology students. ...