Dissertation and MGS Final Paper Titles

What are the interests of our gerontology graduate students?  Here are selected master’s final paper and dissertation titles.

MGS Final Paper Titles:

Chiranjivi Amgai—Do Older Americans Feel Prepared for Retirement?

Gifty Ashirifi—What Do Coresidential Grandparents and the Grandchildren They’re Raising Need from Each Other

Candace Burch—Examining Advance Care Planning Actions Among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Ashlee Cordell—Exploring Positive and Negative Determinants of Self-Rated Health Among Older Adults

Wendy Dé Leon—Adult Children’s Education and Parents’ Diabetes Self-care Behaviors in Mexico

Usha Dhakal—Mailed Versus Internet Survey: Comparing Findings of a Community Needs Assessment Survey for Americans Aged 50 Years and Older

Chelsea Goldstein—Aging with Invisible Disability: A Pilot Study on Living with Dysautomia and Expectations for Aging

Abigail Hermesch—Involving Direct Care Workers in Preference-Informed Care Planning: Association with Turnover and Retention

Jennifer Ingle—Perceptions of Dental Care Use and Non-Use among Older Adults

Cheyenne M. Kinsella—Strategies that Influence Retention Rate in Ohio Nursing Home STNAs

Binu Koirala—The Relationship Between Educational Attainment and Reasons for Labor Force Participation Among Adults Aged 45 to 74 Years.

Morgan Liddic—Delivering Hospice Education: A Qualitative Study of Hospice Providers in Ohio

Sherry Lind—The 2014 Oxford Housing Survey: Future Needs and Preferences of Residents of Oxford and Oxford Township Age 50+

Keren Mabisi—The Experience of Older Women Living with HIV in Northern Uganda

Michelle McGuire—Non-Participants’ Perceptions of the Benefits and Barriers to Taking Part in Fitness Classes at a Senior Center

Jyotsana Parajuli—Effect of an Intergenerational Service Learning Program on Students’ Attitudes Toward People with Dementia

Natalie Pitheckoff—Burrowing Deeper: What Rabbit-Assisted Activities Mean to Older Adults

Sunaina Rana—Community Dwelling Older Adults Perceptions of Emergency Response System (PERS)

Josie Rader—Barriers & Facilitators to Attending a Wellness Center                            

Ryan Shanley—A Forgotten Population: Older Men Who Live Alone

Nathan Sheffer—Memory Care Units in Ohio Long-Term Care Facilities                      

Priyanka Shrestha—Predicting Quantity of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use: The role of Chronic Conditions

Susanna L. Smith—“I Never Thought I’d Go to America”: Exploring Immigration as a Disruptive Life-Course Event

Greg Thoelke—Millennials Musing About Advance Care Planning

Claire Wickersham—The Pioneers of the Village Movement: An Exploration of Membership and Satisfaction Among Beacon Hill Village Members

Meghan Young—The Social Media Use and Happiness among Adults 45 Years and Older

Heshuo Yu—Length of Stay in Hospice Across Racial/Ethnic Minorities over 65 Years of Age in the United States: A Descriptive Analysis

PhD in Social Gerontology Dissertation Titles

Hallie E. Baker—A Life Course Disability Model For Understanding Aging With a Chronic Condition

Anthony Bardo—Age Period-Cohort Trends in Subjective Well-Being and Happy Life Expectancy Among Those Without Physical Disability

Carol A. Bashford—Inside the Black Box of Discharge Planning: Key Factors for Success in Three High Performing Small Hospitals

Diane Berish—The Impact of Long-Term Care on 30-day Hospital Readmissions

Sarah Boehle—Accessing Consumer Goods and Services as a Non-Driver in Appalachian Ohio: An Exploratory Ohio

Denise Brothers—“Doing” LAT: Redoing Gender and Family Living Apart Together Relationships in Later Life

Karen M. Brown—Does In-home Social Engagement Mitigate Older Adults’ Depressive Symptoms after Driving Reduction or Cessation?

Pamela S. Brown—Relationship Power and Control Among Single Heterosexual Women at Midlife: Correlates of Condom Use and Traditional Gender Role Ideology

Dawn C. Carr—Demography, Ideology, and Stratification: Exploring the Emergence and Consequences of the Third Age

Jasleen Chahal—Medical Humanitarianism in a Changing Healthcare Climate

Adrienne L. Cohen—Support Networks of Rural Older Adults with Self-Care Challenges

Phyllis A. Cummins—Credential Attainment by Older Workers: The Role of Community Colleges and the Dislocated Worker Program in Successful Employment Outcomes

Emily A. S. Fenster—Married Individuals’ Retirement Planning Experiences: An Exploratory Study

Sarah Hahn—“When I’m 75”: College Students’ Self-Perceptions of Aging in An Introductory Gerontology Course

Oliver R. Hautz—Who Am I And Who Are You?:Exploring Students’ Construction Of People With Dementia During A Creative Arts Project

Jennifer L. Heston—The Role of Direct Care Workers in Person-Centered Home Care

Nytashia Hicks—“It’s A Care-Free Way of Life”: A Qualitative Descriptive Study on Living-Apart-Together Relationships Among Older Adult Black Women

Cassandra Hua—The Relationship Between Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Weight Change in Later Life

Karel J. Kalaw—“Home for Good”: The Experience of Return Among Overseas Filipino Worker (OMFW) Returnees

Karen E. Kent—Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Healthcare Experiences of Aging Adults

Jiayin Liang—It Was All Planned…Now What?: Claiming Human Agency And Constructing Meaning In Everyday Retirement Life in Urban China

Lydia K. Manning—Spirituality As Experienced in the Lives of Old Women: An Exploration of Essence and Effect

Jacquelyn Manning-Dantis—A Critical Feminist Exploration of Successful Aging and Adaptation of Intersecting Marginalized Identities: Older African American Women’s Perceptions and Definitions

Samuel M. Mwangi—The Development of Palliative Care Around the World

Candidus Nwakasi—Exploring the Experiences of Nigerian Female Dementia Caregivers

Kimberly K. Ogle—Waiting to Die: An Exploratory Qualitative Study of Older Adults in Hospice Care

Xi Pan—Type 2 Diabetes in China: Health Behaviors, Diabetes Self Management and Self-Rated Health

Anna N. Rahman—Bridging the Chasm: Translating Evidence-Based Practice Into Daily Practice in Nursing Homes

AviElle Raymore—It’s Parenting Whether You’re a Grandparent or Parent: The Experiences of Grandfathers Raising Grandchildren

Maricruz Rivera-Hernadez—Self-Management, Social Support, Religiosity and Self-Rated Health Among Older Mexicans with Diabetes

Emily J. Robbins—Planning for Future Long-Term Care Needs: Life Course Catalysts and Constraints

Senjooti Roy—Himalayan Older Adults’ Views on Indigenous Medicine: Uses, Availability, and Effects on Health and Well-Being

Korijna Valenti—The Impact of Losing a Spouse or Partner on End-of-Life Preparation, Needs, Support: An Exploratory Study of Sexual and Gender Minority Women’s Experiences

Takashi Yamashita—Health Literacy and Health Outcomes: Implication for Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparity and Learning for Health Over the Life Course