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Ohios population is aging rapidly. We are here to help you understand this trend and visualize how Ohios population will change over the next several decades  as a state and county by county.

Ohio’s Changing Population

Ohio is the seventh most populous state, but its population is projected to grow by less than 1% over the next 30 years. The population composition of the state is shifting older: by 2025, more than 1 in 4 Ohioans will be age 60 and older.

The Scripps Gerontology Center researches aging and disability-related population trends in Ohio to inform planning, policy, and economic development at the state and county level. We’re here to help you understand and visualize how Ohio’s older population will change over the next several decades at the state and county levels. With good information, communities can plan for their projected populations of older persons and persons with a disability.

Resources on this website include:

  • Interactive data center to explore your county, time period, and data of interest
  • State and county-level population data and projections
  • Reports on the 65+ population for each of Ohio’s 88 counties
  • Maps of Ohio’s projected older population from 2010-2050
  • Demographic research on trends among populations with physical and cognitive disabilities (coming in late 2019)
  • Frequently asked questions about Ohio’s population trends, projection data, and methodology


The Scripps Gerontology Center is updating the Interactive Data Center to incorporate the 2020 US Census data and enhance the visualizations.

We appreciate your patience while this data is unavailable.


Explore the Scripps Gerontology Center’s Ohio Population Research website through the buttons below.

Interactive Data Center

Create your own visualizations at the state or county level.


State and County Reports

Graphs, tables, and charts of population projections for the state of Ohio and its 88 counties.

Map Downloads

Print-friendly maps and data downloads.


Information about how Ohio compares to the US, data and methodology, and more.