Global Health Minor

Global health students

Miami University's Global Health Minor offers a unique, transdisciplinary learning environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and ethical engagement to develop future leaders with the essential tools to understand complex global health problems and participate in developing sustainable solutions. To add this minor, contact Dr. Cameron Hay-Rollins, the program director, at

Successful Global Health Minors will...

  • Recognize the complexity and ethical dilemmas of global health and identify, integrate, and assess knowledge from multiple disciplines to thoroughly describe global health problems.
  • Recognize high-quality research methods, evaluate the validity of global health related data, and design methods for examining a global health question or problem.
  • Develop strong team work skills with the ability to negotiate group-based dynamics during interdisciplinary team projects and presentations.
  • Develop strong writing and presentation skills, with the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in various formats.
  • Develop skills of building networks of consultants, mentors, and/or collaborators associated with global health.
  • Engage in a formative global health experience to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of global health problems.
  • Write a global health thesis or a global health grant proposal.

Program Requirements

  • GHS 101 (3 credits)
  • One of 6 approved method courses (3 credits)
  • GHS 301 (1 credit, taken 3 times*)
  • GHS 401 (2 credits; pre-approval required)
  • GHS 491+ATH 448 (4 credits total) or GHS 477: Senior GH Thesis (4 credits total)
  • Related hours to meet 18 credits

*A related hours course may be used in place of one of the GHS 301 seminars

*Public Health is distinct from Global Health in that it is a discipline that tracks and prevents disease within given regions (county, state, country) across entire populations. The Public Health major is unique at Miami in that it is housed in both the College of Education, Health and Society (CEHS) and the College of Arts and Science (CAS). The Public Health major can be taken in conjunction with the Global Health Minor.

 For more information, visit the GHS website, or View Course Requirements in General Bulletin