Student Spotlight Projects

Learning anthropology often starts in the classroom and the library.  It comes to fruition as students, with the mentorship of faculty, apply and integrate various ethnographic and analytical skills to answer their own research questions.  The collection below is a small sample of individual and collaborative projects students have completed in recent years.  

Scott Day ('24) & Ricky Underwood ('23)

Students in front of a statue of Lenin at Grutas Park in Lithuania

Anthropology students Scott Day and Ricky Underwood explore how Soviet statues in Grutas Park, Lithuania compare to Confederate statues in the United States.  

Lindsay Douglass ('23)

Lindsay Douglass

Lindsay Douglass spent a year in Spain interning with Fundacion Sevilla Acoge, an NGO that helps to integrate immigrants and refugees into society through education, community building, and employment. She created a video to highlight her experience. 

Ashley Morris ('23)

ashley morris

Anthropology and International Studies student Ashley Morris reflects on the disparities in sustainability measures she experienced during her study abroad in Lithuania. 

Faith Walker ('21)

 Faith Walker

Undergraduate Summer Scholar, Faith Walker, completes an independent research project during Summer of 2019.

Emily Ratvasky ('20)

Emily Ratvasky works with the department's artifact collection.

Emily Ratvasky interned with the Department of Anthropology Special projects, working with Miami's 2,000+ artifact collection.

Mitchell Singstock ('20)

Mitchell Singstock

After the summer was over, Mitchell Singstock returned to Miami, still intrigued by all of the stories left unfinished.