Teaching Labs

Dr. Cameron Hay-Rollins teaching students in lab

Beginning in 2011, the Anthropology Department began offering hands-on learning experiences in three new dedicated laboratory classrooms.

The Archaeology Teaching Lab features lab tables, cabinets and drawers for storing and displaying artifacts, and an array of scientific equipment, including microscopes, scales, 3-D scanner and a Smartboard.

In the Biological Anthropology Teaching Lab the department stores skeletons and casts of skeletal remains that can be set up for study on the desks, while lessons are displayed on a Smartboard.

The Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology Teaching Laboratory is the largest and most flexibly structured. Specially targeted for in-depth analysis and exploration of media, medical and linguistic anthropological data, it is intended to allow students to manipulate video and audio files, conduct statistical analyses, and create multi-media presentations.

The three classrooms are clustered around a foyer featuring showcases exhibiting texts and objects that illustrate the focus and interests of the four subfields.

The room also features a flat screen displaying photos of anthropology students exploring their research interests at Miami and abroad, participating in the life of the university, and preparing for the future beyond their undergraduate education.

Dr. Linda Marchant initiated the laboratory project during her tenure as Chair of the Anthropology Department.

"For a rich discipline like Anthropology these new laboratory classrooms prompt us to rethink how we share our knowledge, and how we help our students explore and master it," she said.