Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

From observing and analyzing Chimpanzee behavior to exploring ways of life around the world to studying the material cultures of aboriginal peoples of America, our students are engaged in fascinating research projects that produce knowledge and build valuable skills.

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Development of a research proposal can help you focus your efforts and provide a roadmap for getting results. Check out some of the undergraduate research support opportunities available to help support your research.

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Here are some of the recent accomplishments and recognitions received by our undergraduate researchers.

Funded Student Research

Megan Ashbrook. 2017. University Summer Scholar Award. Archaeological Ceramic Analysis at Tel Akko, Israel. (Tel Akko, Israel, $3,000).

Rachel Brand. 2017. University Summer Scholar Award. Alaskan Cultural Heritage Knowledge and Protection. ( Southcentral Alaska, $3,000).

Emma Brzezinski and Nicole Schapker. 2017. Rebecca Jean Andrew Memorial Award. Paleoanthropology research program organized by the Murcian Association of Paleoanthropology. (Spain, $2,866).

Caitlin Douglass. 2017. Rebecca Jean Andrew Memorial Award. Rank related differences in the quality of vocalizations in male spider monkeys (Atleles belzebuth) at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador. (Ecuador, $1,433).

Danielle Heil. 2017. University Summer Scholar Award. Narratives and Performance of Wellness in a Drum and Bugle Corps. (Across the United States, $3,000).

Katie Hinh. 2017. Undergraduate Research Award. Labor for Beauty: Constructing Vietnamese Migrant Identity in a Midwestern Nail Salon. (Ohio, $500).

Madeline Shultz. 2017. University Summer Scholar Award. Performing "Aegyo": Language, Gender, and Power Among Young Adults in Korea. (Wonju, Soeul, and Busan, Korea, $3,000).

Ali Mallett. 2016. College of Arts and Science Dean's Scholar Award. Ethnography of the Microbrew Movement (Ohio and Michigan).

Kristine Camper. 2016. Rebecca Jean Andrew Memorial Award. Investigating the necessity of realistic enclosures in zoos by observing abnormal behaviors in Perodicticus potto. (Cincinnati and Cleveland Zoos, $1,400).

Deron Clark. 2016. Rebecca Jean Andrew Memorial Award. Activity budgets of red-backed squirrel monkeys (Saimiri oerstedii). (Danta Costa Rica Field School in Primate Behavior and Conservation, $3,400).

Caitlin McElligott. 2016. University Summer Scholar Award. Perspectives of an Educational Crisis. (Washington, DC, $3,000).

Grace McKittrick. 2016. College of Arts and Science Dean's Scholar Award. An Ethnography of the Supernatural & Paranormal. (Ohio).

Rachel Poyfair. 2016. University Summer Scholar Award. The Aesthetics of Ideology: An Ethnography of Creation Museum Visitors (Petersburg, Kentucky, $3,000).

Lauren Salem. 2016. University Summer Scholar Award. Emerging from the Ashes of Civil War: Syrian Refugees in Jordan. ($3000).

Sarah Loomis. 2015. University Summer Scholar Award. 3D Technology and its applications to Online Museum and Archaeological Curation and Outreach. (Oxford, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia, $3,000).

Jordan Martin. 2015. Rebecca Jean Andrew Memorial Award. Individual differences in the affiliative, play, and activity behaviors of captive bonobos (Pan paniscus). (Columbus Zoo, $5,700).

Jordan Martin. 2015. University Summer Scholar Award. Individual differences in the affiliative, play and activity behaviors of captive bonobos. (Cincinnati Zoo, $3,000).

Daniel McClurkin. 2015. University Summer Scholar Award. Belfast Baha'i: An Ethnography of Religious Conversion and Conflict. (Beflast, Ireland, $3,000).

Student Research Presentations

Claire Vaughn. 2018. Mapping Space and Place in Religious Tourism. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Lauren Antle. 2017. The Effects of Group Studying vs. Individual Studying. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Emma Brzezinski & Nicole Schapker. 2017. Gombe Chimpanzee Termite Fishing Behavior: Using Noldus Observer Software to Examine Laterality. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Kristine Camper. 2017. Environmental Factors on Well-Being of Captive Pottos (Perodicticus potto) at the Cincinnati Zoo. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

David Colston. 2017. The Role of Government in Public Health. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Erika Jeffers & Quentin Stickley. 2017. Archeobotanical Analysis from Ziyaret Tepe. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Brandi McConahay. 2017. 3D Archaeology. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Brandi McConahay. 2017. Archaeological Pedagogy. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Brandi McConahay. 2017. Augmented Archaeology. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Caitlin McElligott. 2017. The Educational Crisis: Viewpoints Ranging from Local to International. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Miranda Oates. 2017. Analysis of Unprepared and Prepared Human Osteological Collections: Assessment for Forensic Anthropology Teaching. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Miranda Oates. 2017. Understanding Sociosexual Habits of College Students. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Sydney O'Wesney. 2017. Seedling Allocation Response to Nutrient Addition in Northern Hardwood Forest. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Rachel Poyfair. 2017. The Aesthetics of Ideology. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Lindsey Schad. 2017. Community-based Approaches to Alleviating Depression Among the Elderly in Rural India. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Lindsey Schad. 2017. Emerging Adult Healthcare Decision Making: A Student Response to Mumps Cases at Miami University Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Domenica Blasucci. 2016. Paving the Road to Equal Access to Education In Tanzania: A Global Health Study. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Seth Boda. 2016. The Negotiation of Community Across League of Legends Platforms. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Bergan Koch. 2016. Out of Oxford: Local Musicians and Musical Performance. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Catherine Lok. 2016. Global Health Immersion: Gynecology in Amman, Jordan. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Sarah Loomis. 2016. Online Museums Explore New Technologies: A Survey of Online 3D Model Exhibitions for Anthropological Education. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Ali Mallett. 2016. Ethnography of the Microbrew Movement. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Kelly Marcus. 2016. Why Did the United States Deinstitutionalize Mental Patients? Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Daniel McClurkin. 2016. “Are You a Catholic Bahá’í or a Protestant Bahá’í?”: Articulations of Faith in Post-Troubles Belfast. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Brandi McConahay. 2016. The Power of Humor: Politics, Religion, and Charlie Hebdo. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Caitlin McElligott. 2016. Teaching Diverse Classrooms at an Ohio High School. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Grace McKittrick. 2016. An Ethnography of the Supernatural & Paranormal. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.

Micayla Spiros. 2016. A Guide to Undergraduate Archaeological Field Schools: Benefits of Going and How to Get There. Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.