Why Biology?

The Biology major is the most general and incorporates advanced classes that focus on a wide variety of organisms.  It provides a strong background for students interested in everything from the health sciences to ecology and the environmental sciences. A major in Biology is recommended if your goal is to gain a broad perspective in the biological sciences, or you may major in Botany or Zoology if you prefer to specialize in plants or animals, respectively.

What Can I Do With a Major in Biology


There are many options available to Biology majors. A partial list would include admission to pre-professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy, etc.), graduate studies, or immediate employment as a naturalist, park technician, assistant pathologist, lab technician, technical sales representative, research technician, museum curator, fisheries manager, environmental planner, municipal zookeeper, environmental impact analyst, or high school biology teacher.

Learning Outcomes for the BA/BS in Biology are to

  1. Locate and cite biology source materials using discipline-specific databases
  2. Articulate questions and hypotheses that drive research in the field of biology
  3. Synthesize, evaluate and accurately summarize information from multiple sources
  4. Integrate core concepts and principles from the biological sciences
  5. Recognize areas requiring further research
  6. Comprehend the broader implications of biological research for health and
  7. Effectively communicate scientific information to both non-specialist (popular) specialist (technical)