Miami represents at Spring 2019 ACS National Meeting

Miami’s Chemistry Education Research students, faculty, and alums descend upon Orlando. Carrie Dobbs (senior chemistry major), Kathryn Yezierski (junior chemistry education major), and Stacey Lowery Bretz had their posters selected as runner ups for Best Undergraduate CER poster.

ACS National Meeting

Stacey Lowery Bretz and Ellen Yezierski, with some of their current and former students (and their former students’ current students!), all of whom presented their research in chemistry education at the Spring 2019 American Chemical Society National Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Students presented at ACS National Meeting

L to R: Katie Ferguson (senior Biochemistry Major & Dean’s Scholar, 2018-2019), Kate Yezierski (junior Chemistry Education major), Carrie Dobbs (senior Chemistry Major), Zahilyn Roche Allred (Ph.D. Chemistry Education Research, 2019), Molly Atkinson (post-doc, Bretz Research Group), and Lilly Huff (senior Chemistry Major & Dean’s Scholar, 2018–2019) presented their research at the 2019 Spring ACS National Meeting in Orlando, FL.