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Major does not always dictate choice of occupation.

The Center for Career Exploration and Success organizes services, events, and communication around career clusters: groupings of common occupations that fall within broad career sectors. Career clusters allow you to focus your professional interests while you explore similar careers within broad industry categories. We urge you to consider your interests, skills and preferences on work settings and job functions in relation to your occupational options and to acquire skills and experiences throughout college that would align to your career goals.

Cartoon students look up at career cluster logos floating above them.

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Girl with glasses holds folders. Accounting & Financial Services.
Man in suit points at a diagram on the wall. Economics and Data Analytics.
Girl with dark hair looks down at a paper she is drawing on. Arts, Communication, Media and Design.
Girl with glasses looks at mechanism on a table. Engineering and Technology.
Man in a teal sweater rights on a board while two girls watch. Law and Government.
Man with glasses directs girl working on a computer. Management, Sales and Consulting.
Two girls with name badges carrying folders walk down a hallway. Health and Science.
Woman with glasses points at a large print out of the Periodic Table while a girl in a pink shirt watches. Education, Nonprofit and Human Services.
Students in a classroom sit looking forward. Students Exploring.

Connecting Students and Employers

Handshake is an online platform that connects students with potential employers and career-related events.
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