Publications, 2018

College Students Teaching Chemistry through Outreach: Conceptual Understanding of the Elephant Toothpaste Reaction and Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Pratt, Justin M.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 2091–2102

Announcing the Ninth Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chemical Education
Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 1687–1688

Differentiating Antibiotic-ResistantStaphylococcus aureusUsing Secondary Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Li, Haorong; Zhu, Jiangjiang
Analytical Chemistry 2018, 90, 12108–12115

Disrupted structure and aberrant function of CHIP mediates the loss of motor and cognitive function in preclinical models of SCAR16
Shi, Chang-he; Rubel, Carrie; Soss, Sarah E.; Sanchez-Hodge, Rebekah; Zhang, Shuo; Madrigal, Sabrina C.; Ravi, Saranya; McDonough, Holly; Page, Richard C.; Chazin, Walter J.; Patterson, Cam; Mao, Cheng-yuan; Willis, Monte S.; Luo, Hai-Yang; Li, Yu-sheng; Stevens, Donte A.; Tang, Mi-bo; Du, Pan; Wang, Yao-he; Hu, Zheng-wei; Xu, Yu-ming; Schisler, Jonathan C.
PLOS Genetics 2018, 14, e1007664

Twist sense control in terminally functionalized ortho-phenylenes
Vemuri, Gopi Nath; Pandian, Rathiesh R.; Spinello, Brian J.; Stopler, Erika B.; Kinney, Zacharias J.; Hartley, C. Scott
Chemical Science 2018, 9, 8260–8270

Cationic Hyperbranched Polymers with Biocompatible Shells for siRNA Delivery
Li, Sipei; Omi, Maiko; Cartieri, Francis; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Mao, Gordon; Gao, Haifeng; Averick, Saadyah E.; Mishina, Yuji; Matyjaszewski, Krzysztof
Biomacromolecules 2018, 19, 3754–3765

Solution structure of SHIP2 SH2 domain and its interaction with a phosphotyrosine peptide from c-MET
Wang, Zi; Nie, Yao; Zhang, Kunxiao; Xu, Henghao; Ramelot, Theresa A.; Kennedy, Michael A.; Liu, Maili; Zhu, Jiang; Yang, Yunhuang
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 2018, 656, 31–37

Tuning thermoresponsive network materials through macromolecular architecture and dynamic thiol-Michael chemistry
Chakma, Progyateg; Digby, Zachary A.; Via, Jeremy; Shulman, Max P.; Sparks, Jessica L.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymer Chemistry 2018, 9, 4744–4756

A Noncanonical Metal Center Drives the Activity of the Sediminispirochaeta smaragdinae Metallo-β-lactamase SPS-1
Cheng, Zishuo; VanPelt, Jamie; Bergstrom, Alexander; Bethel, Christopher; Katko, Andrew; Miller, Callie; Mason, Kelly; Cumming, Erin; Zhang, Huan; Kimble, Robert L.; Fullington, Sarah; Bretz, Stacey Lowery; Nix, Jay C.; Bonomo, Robert A.; Tierney, David L.; Page, Richard C.; Crowder, Michael W.
Biochemistry 2018, 57, 5218–5229

Routing of thylakoid lumen proteins by the chloroplast twin arginine transport pathway
New, Christopher Paul; Ma, Qianqian; Dabney-Smith, Carole
Photosynthesis Research 2018, 138, 289–301

Tuning Gold Nanoparticles with Chelating Ligands for Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Cao, Zhi; Zacate, Samson B.; Sun, Xiaodong; Liu, Jinjia; Hale, Elizabeth M.; Carson, William P.; Tyndall, Sam B.; Xu, Jun; Liu, Xingwu; Liu, Xingchen; Song, Chang; Luo, Jheng-hua; Cheng, Mu-Jeng; Wen, Xiaodong; Liu, Wei
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018, 57, 12675–12679

Grafting strategies for the synthesis of active DNase I polymer biohybrids
Kovaliov, Marina; Cohen-Karni, Devora; Burridge, Kevin A.; Mambelli, Dorian; Sloane, Samantha; Daman, Nicholas; Xu, Chen; Guth, Jared; Kenneth Wickiser, J.; Tomycz, Nestor; Page, Richard C.; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Averick, Saadyah
European Polymer Journal 2018, 107, 15–24

Correction to Dipicolinic Acid Derivatives as Inhibitors of New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase-1
Chen, Allie Y.; Thomas, Pei W.; Stewart, Alesha C.; Bergstrom, Alexander; Cheng, Zishuo; Miller, Callie; Bethel, Christopher R.; Marshall, Steven H.; Credille, Cy V.; Riley, Christopher L.; Page, Richard C.; Bonomo, Robert A.; Crowder, Michael W.; Tierney, David L.; Fast, Walter; Cohen, Seth M.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2018, 61, 6400–6400

NMR-based metabolic profiling of urine, serum, fecal, and pancreatic tissue samples from the Ptf1a-Cre; LSL-KrasG12D transgenic mouse model of pancreatic cancer
Schmahl, Michelle J.; Regan, Daniel P.; Rivers, Adam C.; Joesten, William C.; Kennedy, Michael A.
PLOS ONE 2018, 13, e0200658

Comparative Metabolomics Elucidates Postprandial Metabolic Modifications in Plasma of Obese Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome
Xu, Mengyang; Zhong, Fanyi; Bruno, Richard S.; Ballard, Kevin D.; Zhang, Jing; Zhu, Jiangjiang
Journal of Proteome Research 2018, 17, 2850–2860

Investigating the Mechanism of Horseradish Peroxidase as a RAFT-Initiase
Danielson, Alex; Van-Kuren, Dylan; Bornstein, Joshua; Kozuszek, Caleb; Berberich, Jason; Page, Richard; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymers 2018, 10, 741

Evolution of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase (NDM) in the clinic: Effects of NDM mutations on stability, zinc affinity, and mono-zinc activity
Cheng, Zishuo; Thomas, Pei W.; Ju, Lincheng; Bergstrom, Alexander; Mason, Kelly; Clayton, Delaney; Miller, Callie; Bethel, Christopher R.; VanPelt, Jamie; Tierney, David L.; Page, Richard C.; Bonomo, Robert A.; Fast, Walter; Crowder, Michael W.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2018, 293, 12606–12618

“It’s Only the Major Product That We Care About in Organic Chemistry”: An Analysis of Students’ Annotations of Reaction Coordinate Diagrams
Popova, Maia; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 1086–1093

Copper-Mediated Trifluoromethylation of Benzylic Csp3 −H Bonds
Paeth, Matthew; Carson, William; Luo, Jheng-Hua; Tierney, David; Cao, Zhi; Cheng, Mu-Jeng; Liu, Wei
Chemistry - A European Journal 2018, 24, 11559–11563

Organic Chemistry Students’ Understandings of What Makes a Good Leaving Group
Popova, Maia; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 1094–1101

Organic chemistry students’ interpretations of the surface features of reaction coordinate diagrams
Popova, Maia; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2018, 19, 919–931

Photochemistry for Well-Defined Polymers in Aqueous Media: From Fundamentals to Polymer Nanoparticles to Bioconjugates
Burridge, Kevin M.; Wright, Thaiesha A.; Page, Richard C.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2018, 39, 1800093

Linker-Directed Assembly of Twisted ortho-Phenylene-Based Macrocycles
Kinney, Zacharias J.; Hartley, C. Scott
Organic Letters 2018, 20, 3327–3331

The Continuing Challenge of Metallo-β-Lactamase Inhibition: Mechanism Matters
Ju, Lin-Cheng; Cheng, Zishuo; Fast, Walter; Bonomo, Robert A.; Crowder, Michael W.
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2018, 39, 635–647

Organic chemistry students’ challenges with coherence formation between reactions and reaction coordinate diagrams
Popova, Maia; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2018, 19, 732–745

Investigating the Secondary Structure of Membrane Peptides Utilizing Multiple 2H-Labeled Hydrophobic Amino Acids via Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation (ESEEM) Spectroscopy
Liu, Lishan; Sahu, Indra D.; Bottorf, Lauren; McCarrick, Robert M.; Lorigan, Gary A.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2018, 122, 4388–4396

Iodine Coulometry of Various Reducing Agents Including Thiols with Online Photocell Detection Coupled to a Multifunctional Chemical Analysis Station To Eliminate Student End Point Detection by Eye
Padilla Mercado, Jeralyne B.; Coombs, Eri M.; De Jesus, Jenny P.; Bretz, Stacey Lowery; Danielson, Neil D.
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 777–782

Green nanofillers: Plant virus reinforcement in hydrophilic polymer nanocomposites
Zheng, Yi; Dougherty, Melissa Lucius; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Steinmetz, Nicole F.; Pokorski, Jonathan K.
Polymer 2018, 142, 72–79

Liquid chromatography with alkylammonium formate ionic liquid mobile phases and fluorescence detection
Danielson, Neil D.; Mansour, Fotouh R.; Zhou, Ling; Connell, Casey V.; Dotlich, Erin M.; Gibler, Justin N.; Norman, Blake E.; Grossman, Shau; Wei, Wenjun; Zhang, Ying
Journal of Chromatography A 2018, 1559, 128–135

Probing the mechanism of thermally driven thiol-Michael dynamic covalent chemistry
Zhang, Borui; Chakma, Progyateg; Shulman, Max P.; Ke, Jun; Digby, Zachary A.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2018, 16, 2725–2734

How Do Reaction and Reactor Conditions Affect Photoinduced Electron/Energy Transfer Reversible Addition–Fragmentation Transfer Polymerization?
Kurek, Pierce N.; Kloster, Alex J.; Weaver, Kyle A.; Manahan, Rodrigo; Allegrezza, Michael L.; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Boyer, Cyrille; Reeves, Jennifer A.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2018, 57, 4203–4213

A mouse model study of toxicity and biodistribution of a replication defective adenovirus serotype 5 virus with its genome engineered to contain a decoy hyper binding site to sequester and suppress oncogenic HMGA1 as a new cancer treatment therapy
Hassan, Faizule; Lossie, Sarah L.; Kasik, Ellen P.; Channon, Audrey M.; Ni, Shuisong; Kennedy, Michael A.
PLOS ONE 2018, 13, e0192882

Dissolving Salts in Water: Students’ Particulate Explanations of Temperature Changes
Abell, Timothy N.; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 504–511

Solvent-terminated dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction: a tutorial
Mansour, Fotouh R.; Danielson, Neil D.
Analytica Chimica Acta 2018, 1016, 1–11

Structural insights into the impact of two holoprosencephaly-related mutations on human TGIF1 homeodomain
Zhu, Jiang; Li, Shuangli; Ramelot, Theresa A.; Kennedy, Michael A.; Liu, Maili; Yang, Yunhuang
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2018, 496, 575–581

Site-Directed Spin Labeling EPR for Studying Membrane Proteins
Sahu, Indra D.; Lorigan, Gary A.
BioMed Research International 2018, 2018, 1–13

Metabolomics Study Reveals Enhanced Inhibition and Metabolic Dysregulation in Escherichia coli Induced by Lactobacillus acidophilus-Fermented Black Tea Extract
Yang, Kundi; Duley, Matthew L.; Zhu, Jiangjiang
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2018, 66, 1386–1393

A novel qualitative method to improve access, elicitation, and sample diversification for enhanced transferability applied to studying chemistry outreach
Pratt, Justin M.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2018, 19, 410–430

Synthesis of lipase polymer hybrids with retained or enhanced activity using the grafting-from strategy
Kovaliov, Marina; Allegrezza, Michael L.; Richter, Bertram; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Averick, Saadyah
Polymer 2018, 137, 338–345

Asymmetric Aldol Additions: A Guided-Inquiry Laboratory Activity on Catalysis
Torres King, Jorge H.; Wang, Hong; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 158–163

Development of the Flame Test Concept Inventory: Measuring Student Thinking about Atomic Emission
Bretz, Stacey Lowery; Murata Mayo, Ana Vasquez
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 17–27

Characterizing the Landscape: Collegiate Organizations’ Chemistry Outreach Practices
Pratt, Justin M.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2018, 95, 7–16

Probing the Interaction of Aspergillomarasmine A with Metallo-β-lactamases NDM-1, VIM-2, and IMP-7
Bergstrom, Alexander; Katko, Andrew; Adkins, Zach; Hill, Jessica; Cheng, Zishuo; Burnett, Mia; Yang, Hao; Aitha, Mahesh; Mehaffey, M. Rachel; Brodbelt, Jennifer S.; Tehrani, Kamaleddin H. M. E.; Martin, Nathaniel I.; Bonomo, Robert A.; Page, Richard C.; Tierney, David L.; Fast, Walter; Wright, Gerard D.; Crowder, Michael W.
ACS Infectious Diseases 2018, 4, 135–145

Photolabile protecting groups: a strategy for making primary amine polymers by RAFT
De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Kurek, Pierce N.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymer Chemistry 2018, 9, 1557–1561