Other Mentored Research

Student gives a poster presentation about her research

As a Miami undergraduate, you have access to several programs, specific to Miami, that let you either collaborate with faculty members on their research projects or carry out your own research projects with guidance from a faculty mentor.

Here are some examples of how students and faculty in our department have participated in these programs:

Muslim schoolgirls wearing head coveringsReligion professor Liz Wilson hired Margaret Hamm, a double-major in religion and political science, to be her Research Apprentice, using funding granted by the Humanities Center. Margaret compiled for Professor Wilson a database of news articles and op-eds about efforts in Belgium and Germany to ban the wearing of hijab (Muslim women's head-coverings) in schools.


An ancient gemstone with a carving of a mythical creatureTaylar Peters, a double-major in religion and psychology, received funding from the Office of Research for Undergraduates to do independent research as an Undergraduate Summer Scholar. Taylar investigated the historical paradox of why Gnostics—an ancient religious group who were generally dismissive of the material world—used gemstones to create multisensory religious experiences. Taylar's faculty mentor was religion professor Jim Hanges.


American-born imam Anwar al-AwlakiKelsi Sievering, a triple major in religion, political science, and international studies, was selected by the College of Arts and Science to receive research funding as a Dean's Scholar. Kelsi analyzed the oral and written sermons of American imam Anwar al-Awlaqi, who is believed to have inspired the Boston Marathon bombers and the Fort Hood shooter. Kelsi's faculty mentor was religion professor Nathan French.


A stairway descending to a floor which, viewed at another angle, is a wall with a door in itMargaret Hamm, a double-major in religion and political science, was selected to be a Geoffrion Family Fellow, the highest honor that the Humanities Center awards to an undergraduate. As a fellow, Margaret took part in the Altman Program, a selective research seminar that gave her the opportunity to meet prestigious guest scholars and to carry out her own research with faculty support.


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