English for Second Language Students

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The ESL Composition program offers courses for students who are using English as a second language:

  • US Cultures & Composition for Second Language Writers (ENG 108)

  • Composition and Rhetoric for Second Language Writers (ENG 109)

  • English for International Graduate Students (ENG 119)

  • Writing Studio sections (ENG 104I and ENG 105I) 

These courses mirror the experiences of mainstream composition and culture courses, providing meaningful and challenging writing assignments and texts in a variety of media, while creating learning environments to meet the particular needs and expectations of second language writers.

Students take a process approach to writing, working across multiple drafts of major assignments and consulting with instructors and peers on the development of their work, and using writing as a means of exploring their own ideas and questions.

The Miami Department of English has provided writing instruction to international students and other second language learners for decades. Serving four sections of students in the 2006-2007 academic year, the total number of sections has risen dramatically, reaching thirty-three sections during the 2011-2012 year. As the university has welcomed even more ESL students, the primary goal of the ESL Composition program has remained the same: to help students to develop their knowledge of US academic culture and to be better prepared for academic success at Miami University.

ESL Composition courses are available only to those who are registered students at Miami, and we do not provide courses for non-students.
Designator Title Details Who Should Enroll
ENG 108 US Cultures and Composition for Second Language Writers 4-credit course. Fulfills global requirement. Focus on writing, reading and speaking for academic purposes. Initial placement--TOEFL scores between 550 and 579; iBT 80 - 92; IELTS 6.5. Final placement will be based on Miami University testing at the start of the semester.
ENG 109 Composition and Rhetoric for Second Language Writers 4-credit course. Academic writing course. (Equivalent of ENG 111 but for international students.) Initial placement--TOEFL scores between 580 and 599; iBT 93 – 99; IELTS NA. Final placement will be based on Miami University testing at the start of the semester.
ENG 119 English for International Graduate Students 3-credit professional development, academic writing course for international graduate students. Students who test into the course based on the graduate student English writing exam.


  • Center for Teaching Excellence

  • Farmer School of Business

  • Howe Writing Center – The Howe Writing Center provides free individual writing tutoring to all Miami University students. The writing consultants are available to help at any stage of your writing for English classes and other classes.

  • iNTRA – a professional development program for international students at Miami University, designed to help them practice the skills they will need for the business world and beyond.
  • Writing Studio Courses –English 104I and 105I are writing studio courses intended primarily for international students. In these studio courses, the focus of instruction is the students’ own writing. The student receives help and guidance from the instructor on writing from their other classes, including English classes. Students might consider taking this one-credit class in conjunction with ENG 108, ENG 109, or ENG 112.

For more info: Contact Tony Cimasko, in Bachelor Hall 318, (513) 529-6519.