People and Environments

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Global Challenges Require Big Thinkers

Geographers integrate natural and social sciences to understand a complex and diverse world. An inter-disciplinary and ‘big picture’ perspective is increasingly essential for tackling environmental challenges global and local, and imagining a healthier planet for the future.

Integrative Perspective and Geospatial Skills

Geographers have unique ability to comprehend and analyze interconnected natural and social processes. They combine a breadth of knowledge with specialized skills in Geographical Information Science to comprehend global change, and collaborate to solve big problems. They are the original sustainability professionals.

Unique Integration of Social and Natural Sciencesenvironmental survey

Majors in Geography have a distinctly interdisciplinary focus

  • people, places and environments (human and physical geography
  • global change and natural resources conservation
  • theory and application of GIS and remote sensing
  • advanced topics in ecoregions, geomorphology, global development, and sustainability

Green Careers for the Future

Careers opportunities include

  • natural resources and land use manager
  • sustainability professional
  • social entrepreneur
  • travel writer or tourism professional

In the Real World