Research Areas

Below is a list of our current 2020/2021 Graduate Students, their advisors, and research area with a link to each student and advisor email if you have any questions regarding their research.

2020/2021 Graduate Students

Student Previous Institution Advisor Research Topic
Christian Anderkin University of Florida J. Rakovan mineralogy
Calvin Anderson Cedarville College J. Rakovan mineralogy
Jared Brum Miami University C. McLeod igneous petrology
Ethan Coffin Miami University H. Dong clay bioreduction
Madeline Ess SUNY College @ Geneseo C. Tyler Mesozoic food webs
Shannon Fasola St. Norbert College M. Brudzinski seismology
Aleksandra Gawronska  University Notre Dame C. McLeod igneous petrology
Kailee Gokey West Virginia University M. Krekeler mineral surface geochemistry
Schelin Ireland University of Hawaii Manoa C. McLeod igneous petrology
Whitney Lapic Mr. Holyoke College C. Tyler fossil echinoids
Jennifer McClellan Calvin College M. Krekeler mineralogy/crystallography
Idah Ngoma Georgia College J. Levy groundwater contamination
Nanci Reyes Univ. Natl Autonoma de Mexico E. Widom volcanology
Trezevant Rice University of Georgia B. Currie stratigraphy
Alexia Rojas California Lutheran Univ. B. Currie sedimentology
Alex Ruley North Carolina State M. Krekeler mineralogy, geochemistry
Rae Sanchez Central Washington Univ. E. Widom volcanology
Alex Schweitzer Boise State University E.Widom igneous petrology
Noel Skocko Sonoma State University E.Widom volcanology
Christina Tenison Miami University J. Rech stream conditions of 4 Mile Creek
Liannie Vazquez Univ. of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez C. McLeod igneous petrology
Wilnelly Ventura-Valentin University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez M. Brudzinski crustal architecture of magmatic systems