Undergraduate Research


2021 Annual Undergraduate Research Forum

The Annual Undergraduate Research Forum was held in a virtual setting on April 27.  Undergraduate students participated in this forum and are listed below along with the title of their research work.  This forum is sponsored by the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS). 

Ella Comerford (Advisors:  Jason Rech and Christina Tenison) - Ao8-T: Using X-ray Fluorescence to Develop a Soil Chronosequence for the Four Mile Creek Floodplain, Ohio.

Jessica Patrick (Advisor:  Claire McLeod) - A Microanalytical and Petrochemical Approach to Investigating Megacrystic Feldspar Crystallization, CA.

Mackenzie Rutherford, Madeline Murchland (Advisors:  J.T. Freiburg and John Rakovan) - Mineralogy of Hicks Dome Breccias, Southern Illinois.

Evan Hill (Advisor: Carrie Tyler) - Changing Ecosystem Dynamics:  Identifying potential impacts of marine invasion.

Drew Selm (Advisor:  Carrie Tyler) - Gastropods and their urchin prey through geologic time:  Do bigger predators need a bigger meal?

Grant Taylor (Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski) - Improving the Earthquake Catalog in the Eastern Arkoma Basin to Look for Relationships to Hydraulic Fracturing.

Sarah Eick and Jensen Fass (Advisors:  Jonathan Levy and Idah Ngoma) - Quantifying Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions in the Four Mile Creek Alluvial Aquifer.

Stephanie Mounce (Advisor:  John Rakovan) - Fluorite and Calcite Melt Inclusions in Apatite from Carbonatitic Intrusions at the Schickler Occurrence and Dwyer Mine, Ontario, Canada.

Mitchell Duncan, Liannie Velazquez, Raghad Algbory (Advisor:  Claire McLeod) - How Fast Does Magma Move?  Insights from Volcanoes of the Central Andes.

Emma Palko (Advisor:  Brian Currie) - Sequence Stratigraphy of the Albian-Cenomanian Naturita Formation and Lower Mancos Shale, Eastern Utah and Western Colorado.