2015 Student Spotlight

Ali Preissing

(Class of 2017)

photo of Ali Priessing"I have an International Studies professor named Melanie Ziegler, who has really helped me focus upon what I want to do within my career. I took a course with her that examined different rogue states that go against American foreign policy. This class showed me what I really want to do, and whenever stress gets the best of me she and many other professors have given me the best possible guidance and direction."

Read what Ali had to say about her research on the refuge crisis in Europe.

Catherine Mazanek

(Class of 2017)

photo of Catherine Mazanek"Since that first AMS 180 class, I have found my focus in American Studies in how American culture intersects with environmental issues. Dr. Peggy Shaffer mentored me through my experience as an Altman Undergraduate Fellow through the Humanities Center for the 2014-2015 school year. We focused on the topic The Anthropocene, a new geological epoch in which humans are becoming a force of nature."

Read what Catherine had to say about her research and involvement with Miami's Institute for Food.

Ray Gilbert

(Class of 2016)

photo of Ray Gilbert"My two internships at Sports Technologies and NBC have allowed me to work for both a small start-up and a huge corporation. I feel motivated to start with a big company when I go into the workforce, but eventually I'd like to start my own small company and work with multiple departments."

Read what Ray had to say about his summer internships in Connecticut and Chicago.

Taylor Shade

(Class of 2015)

photo of Taylor Shade"I loved International Studies as a major, largely because of my own focus on the history of Latin America and Spain. The major allowed me to focus on other countries in the world, making me a more well-rounded person."

Read what Taylor had to say about her working in the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain.

Carmen Black

(Class of 2017)

photo of Carmen Black"My professors are giving me the tools to go out into the real world as a prepared and well-rounded person, and I find it rewarding to be able to have an educated conversation with them about events happening around the world right now."

Read what Carmen had to say about her study-abroad trips to Spain and Colombia.

Rami Abu-Attiyeh

(Class of 2017)

photo of Rami Abu-Attiyeh"While I was still undecided with my major, I took Miami Plan courses here and there, just exploring different majors. I also took some business, engineering, and a few economics classes, which I especially liked, but I also wanted something that would give me more of a global perspective. I finally decided that doing economics with international studies would be a good combination."

Read what Rami had to say about his summer internships with Study of the United States Institute.

Abigail Goldman

(Class of 2017)

photo of Abigail Goldman"What I think ultimately tipped me towards Miami was that it's really focused on undergrad education, and I don't think you can really get that at huge research schools. I really liked that I wouldn't be just another number. I really like the teachers at Miami so far. They've all been really understanding and compassionate and dedicated to what they do."

Read what Abigail had to say about her French immersion experience in France.