Jeffrey Holbrook


Name: Jeffrey Holbrook
Graduation Year: 1994
Majors: International Studies and German

My interest in foreign languages and cultures began during my German studies in high school.  My high school (Pickerington) had a terrific German faculty, and I took advantage of two opportunties to travel to Germany.  The first was a cultural and sight-seeing trip, and experiencing the culture for the first time is an experience I'll never forget.  As a result, I participated in an exchange program during my junior year.  After hosting a student from Germany, I embarked to stay with his family and attend Gymnasium (preparatory high school).  The school experience was interesting, but most rewarding was the opportunity to have meaningful exchange in a fascinating culture.

As I embarked upon my studies at Miami in the fall of 1990, I declared International Studies as my major.  My initial intention was to continue German studies as a minor, but ultimately I found my German studies to be the anchor of my intellectual pursuits.  The faculty of GREAL ignited in me a keen interest in German literature, from its origins to postwar works.  Seventeen years since graduating with majors in International Studies and German, I still find enlightenment and escape in German literature.

Since graduation, I've enjoyed an interesting career in business.  In my first job out of college, I represented a Columbus, Ohio based manufacturing company at international trade shows.  I found myself back in Germany, engaging with customers and developing new business relationships.  I transitioned into project management in the distribution of architectural hardware, and now manage a four-state sales and marketing business unit for the global leader in my industry.  My group is responsible for marketing our product base, providing consultation to architects and designers, and ultimately seeing through the successful procurement and sale of the product to the commercial construction industry.  While working full time, I earned an MBA at Xavier University.

I reside in Cincinnati with my wife, Amanda (Miami '97) and daughter, Jane.   We enjoy the local farmer's markets, museums, and opportunities to enjoy cultural events.  At 2½, my daughter enjoys "German Time" with her father.  We review flash cards, experiment with basic conversation, and watch German cartoons on satellite television.  Who knows what the future holds; I enjoy my career but have ideas and dreams that further incorporate my interests.  For that, I have Miami to thank.