Faculty Accomplishments - June 2016

This semester was again noteworthy for multiple faculty publications, awards, and other accomplishments.

Sheumaker classPictured is a meeting of Dr. Helen Sheumaker’s course, “Introduction to Public History,” in which her students met with Oxford community members who brought in historic objects to share with the class, about which the students created online exhibits.


  • Elena Jackson Albarrán was awarded a CFR Summer Research Appointment for research in Mexico on her project “Primitive Geniuses: Transnational Mexican Children’s Art in Discourses of Underdevelopment, 1930s-1950s.”
  • Sheldon Anderson published his book The Politics and Culture of Modern Sports, Lexington Books, 2016.
  • Tammy Brown was awarded Tenure and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. She was also the recipient of the Lavatus Powell Outstanding Faculty Diversity Award and a Global Initiatives Travel Award.
  • Wietse de Boer co-edited (with Annette Kern-Stähler and Beatrix Busse) the volume The Five Senses in Medieval and Early Modern England, Intersections, vol. 44, Brill, 2016.
  • Nishani Frazier has been named a U.S. Fulbright Faculty Scholar in Norway for the academic year 2016-17.
  • Matthew Gordon will be Visiting Professor at the American University in Beirut, for the academic year 2016-17.
  • Steve Norris published the review article “A Biographical Turn in Russian Studies?” Review of Evgenii Akel’ev, Povsednevnaia zhizn’: vorovskogo mira Moskvy vo vremena Van’ki Kaina (Moscow: Molodaia gvardiia, 2012) and Owen Matthews, Glorious Misadventures: Nikolai Rezanov and the Dream of a Russian America (New York: Bloomsbury, 2013) in Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 17/1 (Winter 2016): 163-179.
  • Marsha Robinson won the Miami University Middletown Excellence in Teaching Award (2015-2016). In addition, she was awarded the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education Grant (co-authored with Andrew Au), for “Virtual Study Abroad at Miami University Middletown: Short-Term Exchange of Scholars,” in the amount of $2500, in October 2015. Furthermore, she authored the following publications: “An Inquiry into Some Historical and Ordinary Reflections on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Southeast Asia/Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, December 2015; “The Love Story behind the 1846 Swiss Colony in St. Clara, West Virginia.” Swiss American Historical Review. Anticipated publication in winter 2015/2016; Review of Race and Slavery in the Middle East: Histories of Trans-Saharan Africans in Nineteenth-Century Egypt, Sudan, and the Ottoman Mediterranean, edited by Terence Walz and Kenneth M. Cuno. Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association, November 2015; “John Adams’ Warning about Mixing Money, Politics and National Security,” Columbus African American News Journal (Columbus, Ohio), August 2015.
  • Helen Sheumaker wrote an online essay, "When Human Could Braid Two Hearts Together" for Zócalo. She also wrote an online essay, "Trendy Victorian-Era Jewelry Was Made from Hair" for natgeo.com, an online publication.
  • Susan Spellman published the monograph Cornering the Market: Independent Grocers and Innovation in American Small Business, Oxford University Press, 2016.
  • Andrew Offenburger was awarded a CFR Summer Research Appointment for research in South Africa on his project "When the West Turned South: Capital and Culture in the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, 1880-1917."