Graduate Credit Hours and Grade Standards

Graduate Credit Hours
All courses numbered 500 and above count for graduate credit.  A full time student may register for a minimum of 9 credit hours and maximum of 15 each semester.

Grade Standards
Students must maintain a grade average of 3.0.  Courses in which a student earns a grade of B minus or lower will not count in fulfillment of core grraduate requirements, including colloquia.  Courses with C grades or lower will not be applicable to the minimum total credit hour requirements.  Normally a student who receives 6 semester hours of C grades will not be eligible for future Graduate Assistantships and will be asked to withdraw from the program.

A departmental rule encourages professors to assign the grade of F to students who take an Incomplete grade and then fail to complete required course work by the end of the 6th week of the following semester.  Petitions to waive this deadline must be submitted in ample time to the GSC.  Students should be aware that Incompletes not completed in a timely fashion jeopardize the eligibility of current or prospective holders of Graduate Assistantships at the time they apply for renewal or award of an assistantship.  No student with an Incomplete may proceed to the thesis defense or degree examinations.

Incompletes are figured into the student's grade point average as Fs.  As a result, multiple Incompletes are an especially serious problem in that they cause the GPA to fall below the 3.0 required in order to take a graduate degree.  If a student's GPA falls below a 3.0 for two consecutive semesters because of Incompletes on the record, the student may not register for additional graduate courses.  Exceptions may be made for legitimate reason (e.g., a continuing medical problem of a serious nature), but must be obtained by formal petition to the GSC.

Grounds for dismissal from the graduate programs are:  a GPA below the minimum; more than six hours of C grades or lower; cheating, including plagiarism; violation of department or Graduate School deadlines; or proven cases of turpitude affecting professional life (tried before the appropriate University disciplinary board).  Students holding stipends must remain in good standing in the program; failure to meet departmental or graduate school deadlines may jeopardize a student's Graduate Assistant standing or the possibility of holding a Graduate Assistantship in the future.

Use of someone else's words as if they were one's own is plagiarism.  The minimum penalty for plagiarism is a failing grade for the paper or examination.  Other penalties that may be imposed are failure for the course and dismissal from the program.