Faculty Advisor and Graduate Committee

As soon as possible, and preferably by the beginning of Semester I, the entering student should consult the DGS about prospects for appointment of an advisor, the choice of module, and the choice of Examination or Thesis/Project option (see below).

The advisor's responsibility is to guide the student through the remainder of her or his graduate program and, typically, to chair the student's graduate committee.  The advisor will be selected on the basis of the student's areas of interest and the prospective advisor's willingness to serve.  If significant aspects of the student's program changes, a new advisor may be appointed by the DGS.

The student's graduate advisor, in consultation with the DGS and the student, will select and chair a graduate committee of at least three qualified faculty who advise the student throughout the program and evaluate the thesis/project and its defense, or the written and oral final examinations.

The chair of the student's committee is usually the main advisor, and must have Level A standing in the Graduate School.  Other members of the committee must have at least Level B standing.  One member of the committee may be from outside the History Department.  For questions about the current standing of specific faculty, see the DGS.