Space and Conversion in Global Perspective

Wietse de Boer

Editor with Giuseppe Marcocci, Aliocha Maldavsky and Ilaria Pavan.

Space and Conversion book coverSpace and Conversion in Global Perspective examines experiences of conversion as they intersect with physical location, mobility, and interiority.  The volume's innovative approach is global and encompasses multiple religious traditions.  Conversion emerges as a powerful force in early modern globalization.

In thirteen essays, the book ranges from the urban settings of Granada and Cuzco to mission stations in Latin America and South India; from villages in Ottoman Palestine and Middle-Volga Russia to Italian hospitals and city squares; and from Atlantic slave ships to the inner life of a Muslim turned Jesuit.  Drawing on extensive archival and iconographic materials, this collection invites scholars to rethink conversion in light of the spatial turn.

Brill Academic Publishing, 2014.