Four students in lab garb work while one of them holds up a specimen
Presenting research
Exterior of Pearson Hall
Identifying unknowns
Microbes on stage
 Streaking in the lab
Gram staining done with gloves
Students and faculty in classroom
Students look into a microscope and view specimens

Undergraduate Admission

Prospective undergraduate students interested in majoring in Microbiology or Medical Laboratory Science should visit Miami's Office of Admission for general information, applications, and deadlines. There are no additional steps required for admission to the department.

Graduate Admission

There are distinct requirements and procedures for admission to each of the graduate programs in which Microbiology faculty participate. Prospective graduate students can review them on the respective program sites.

Financial Support

Information on financial support is available from the One Stop for Student Success/Financial Aid. In addition, the Department of Microbiology offers a variety of scholarships and academic awards for Microbiology undergraduate and graduate students.

Prospective students and their families are welcome to visit during regularly-scheduled hours. While you are visiting our campus, if you would like to visit with a faculty advisor to discuss what the Department of Microbiology has to offer, email us at or call us at (513) 529-5422 and we'll schedule an appointment.