Miami Microbiology Awards and Scholarships

Four students in lab garb work while one of them holds up a specimen
Presenting research
Exterior of Pearson Hall
Identifying unknowns
Microbes on stage
 Streaking in the lab
Gram staining done with gloves
Students and faculty in classroom
Students look into a microscope and view specimens

Scholarships and Academic Awards

A variety of scholarships and academic awards are given annually to Miami Microbiology undergraduate and graduate students, including:

  • The Dr. & Mrs. J.K. Bhattacharjee Scholarship
    This scholarship "shall be awarded annually to an undergraduate student majoring in microbiology based on academic merit and/or financial need with a preference for students from the underrepresented backgrounds (Asian American, Black, Hispanic, American Indian, etc.)"
  • The Lawrence Day Microbiology Scholarship
    This scholarship is "to be awarded to a junior majoring in microbiology on the basis of academic merit"
  • The Mary Woodworth Microbiology Scholarship
    This scholarship "shall be awarded to an undergraduate student or students majoring in Microbiology on the basis of academic merit" and "the recipient(s) shall be chosen from the pool of admitted Honors applicants"
  • The Susan Rockwood Award
    The Susan Rockwood Research Fund awards scholarships to promising women graduate students in Microbiology for use within a 12-month period toward research endeavors in a manner that the recipient alone chooses. The Rockwood Awards are based upon research and teaching skills
  • The Orton Stark Microbiology Scholarships
    These scholarships may be awarded to "an incoming freshman, outstanding freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, M.S., and Ph.D. student"
  • The Oren E. Taft Scholarships
    These scholarships are "awarded to undergraduate students majoring in microbiology or zoology who demonstrate both academic merit and financial need" and who "plan on attending medical school after graduation"

In addition, Miami Microbiology undergraduate are also eligible for several College of Arts and Science scholarships, including:

  • CAS Scholarships
    A general scholarship awarded from endowed funds in the CAS for high-performing students with high financial need

Undergraduate Research Awards

Our undergraduates have been very successful at obtaining support for their research from a variety of programs available at Miami University, including:

  • Undergraduate Research Award Program (URA)
    This program encourages all enrolled full-time undergraduates to initiate and carry out small-scale, independent research or creative projects in any discipline. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students develop a research proposal, submit it for funding to accomplish its goals, and conduct the research. Students are encouraged to present their results at the annual Undergraduate Research Forum
  • Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program (USS)
    A nine-week summer program, USS enables sophomores and juniors to do research or other creative activities in the summer with the supervision of an individual faculty mentor.
  • Howard Hughes Summer Internships (HHSI)
    These 10-week science-focused internships, administered by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Microbiology, provide an extended summer research opportunity under the supervision of an individual faculty mentor.