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Graduate student researcher
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A major in Microbiology offers tools to help build your career

Cold-adapted algae as biofuels

Choices in Majors

Our department offers majors in both Microbiology, and Medical Laboratory Science, and minors in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. You can earn a B.S. degree in the Medical Laboratory Science major, and either a B.S. or A.B. degree in the Microbiology major.

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Choices in course selection

You can tailor your courses to your career interests. We offer a wide range of course selections for both B.S. and A.B. degrees that support careers in Biomedical Science, Microbial Ecology, Genetics & Bioinformatics, and Cellular & Molecular Biology, so that you can design your own combination of courses to best suit your needs.

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Dr. Actis and President Hodge looking on as an undergraduate performs an experiment

Opportunities for undergraduate research

Get the most out of your undergraduate microbiology training by getting involved in undergraduate research. Explore the range of research programs conducted by Microbiology faculty and their students.

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Building a Career with Microbiology

Steve Gilman (Miami Microbiology, '75), Ph.D., is executive vice president of research and development and chief scientific officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and here talks about how he used his science background to become a businessman.

Using the Scientific Method to Solve Business Problems

Michele Molden (Miami Microbiology, '77), president and CEO of Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta, GA, talks about how she went from an undergraduate degree in Microbiology to earning her MBA.

Transferable Skills Acquired from a Liberal Arts Degree

Michele Molden (Miami Microbiology, '77), president and CEO of Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta, GA, explains how the skills she acquired as an undergraduate in the liberal arts prepared her for a business career in the field of healthcare.