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► There are about 100 undergraduate majors in the Physics Department, with 16 full time faculty members.

► 70% of physics undergraduates engage in research before graduation, and 15-20% of those are co-authors on research papers.

Access to Advising

Physics students in class

Miami University's retention rate of 89% ranks it among the best in the nation for students returning for their sophomore year. A major in the physics department is assigned an adviser in their first year who will remain their adviser throughout their undergraduate education. View current advisors »

Student Activities

President Ethan Clements grilling at the picnic

Miami University has an active chapter of the Society of Physics Students. Regular activities include weekly meetings, outreach, field trips, and fun, with two annual picnics and monthly pizza and movie nights.

Astronomy Club

Miami University Astronomy Club 3 planets eastern sky

The Miami University Astronomy Club meets regularly during the academic year. With a Questar, several other telescopes, and a remote observatory, students can observe in all types of weather.

Undergraduate Research

JYR research group

Undergraduates have the opportunity to conduct research beginning in the first year. Undergraduate and graduate students often work side by side to achieve their research goals. View current research groups »

Presentation experiences

Student presenting at Frontiers in Optics

Undergraduates in physics have the opportunity to present research findings at national meetings. Pictured are Perry Rice and his student, Ethan Stanifer, at the Frontiers in Optics conference in Orlando, FL.

Announcements and News

Fall 2021 Course Announcement

Advanced Computational Physics
PHY 486 (3 credit hours)
Face-to-Face (T,R 2:50 - 4:10pm)
Instructor: Prof. Karthik Vishwanath (

Course Objectives:

Develop computational skills for analysis of mathematical problems in physics, mathematics and engineering

Relevant Majors:

Physics; Mathematics; Computer, Electrical, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering


As per course catalog or with permission of instructor. Email instructor if interested!

Platform Used:
Topics Covered:
  • Differential Equations — Initial value and boundary value problems in physics

  • Numerical Methods — Integration, differentiation, root-finding, optimization and polynomial fitting

  • Random Numbers and Random Walks — Monte Carlo approaches, diffusion in 1D, 2D, 3D

  • Analytical and Statistical Measures — Fourier methods, autocorrelations and measures of self-similarity

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Academic Advising

If you are interested in becoming a physics major or have questions and would like to meet with our department advisor remotely, head over to our academic advising webpage for more details.