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The Department of Political Science at Miami University offers undergraduate programs that provide an interesting and challenging curriculum with five undergraduate majors and one minor:

We also offer a combined BA-MA program.

Our graduate program leads to a Master’s degree in Political Science.

Our faculty and students conduct research in all aspects of political science and our courses cover important issues and questions of politics, including:

  • Constitutional rights and liberties
  • American foreign policy
  • World regional politics (western and eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Asia)
  • American presidency and Congress
  • Public management
  • Political philosophy
  • Parties and interest groups
  • International law

Preparing students for the future.

We encourage student experiences in applied settings through:

Many of our alumni attend graduate and professional schools; others find careers in business, the Foreign Service, armed forces, federal, state, and local government, law enforcement, lobbying, and non-profit organizations. Some of our alumni serve in Congress, at the White House, and in U.S. embassies abroad, while others are attorneys and business professionals. Others have had successful careers in academia, including the president of a university, deans, and department chairs.