Data Analytics: Social Data

Data Analytics prepares students for a range of careers in which data must be manipulated, contextualized, and applied to the problems of today. It trains students to work with the ever-broadening expanse of data that is rapidly transforming industry, business, the public sphere, and many fields of research. Coursework for this major combines a core of flexible analytical skills with in-depth advanced knowledge in transdisciplinary subjects in four concentrations: Geospatial Analytics, Bioinformatics, Sport Analytics, and Social Data Analytics. This combination provides a solid 4-year liberal education along with early development of practical skills widely sought by employers.

Social Data Concentration in POL

Course of Study (36-38 semester hours)


  • Introductory Statistics (AP Statistics, STA 261, STA 301, or ISA 225)

  • Precalculus or Calculus 1 or ACT Math score of at least 26 or SAT Math score of at least 600 or at least 16 on the Miami International Math Placement Test

Core Curriculum (required for all concentrations)

To major in Data Analytics, a student must complete 18-19 semester hours distributed as follows:

Select 1 of the following (3-4 hr):

  • MTH 133 - Mathematical Foundations of Data Analytics
  • ISA 250 - Basic Math for Analytics (offered only during summer)

Select 1 of the following (3 hr):

  • STA 363 - Introduction to Statistical Modeling
  • ISA 291 - Applied Regression Analysis in Business
  • POL 306 - Applied Research Methods

Take all of the following (12 hr):

  • ENG/STC 285 - Professional Communication for Data Analytics
  • PHL/HST/GIC 286 - Data, Ethics, and Society
  • STA/POL 308 - Introduction to Programming & Scripting for Data Analytics
  • STA 309 - Building, Managing and Exploring Data Sets in Analytics

Concentrations in Social Data

Identify & implement appropriate methods for analyzing socio-politico phenomena. Utilize data visualization techniques to communicate results in a compelling way to policy experts & engaged citizens.

Political Science (9 hours)

  • One of these POL courses 241, 221, 261, or 271 or corresponding AP or transfer credit
  • Two more POL courses at 300 or 400

Choose any three of the following, including at least one course at the 400 level (9 hours)

  • POL 307 – Survey Methods
  • POL 365 – Decision Making in Public Affairs
  • GTY 362 – Applied Research in Gerontology
  • POL 491/591 – Social Network Analysis
  • POL 474/574 – Large Data Analysis

Students majoring in the Social Data Analytics concentration may count no more than nine (9) credit hours toward this major and a major in Political Science, Gerontology or Sociology, and they may count no more than six (6) credit hours toward a minor in Political Science, Gerontology or Sociology.

Host Departments:
Statistics + POL for Social Data Concentration

Contact: Lisa Werwinski, 513-529-3406,

updated: 04/10/21