Brain, Cognitive and Developmental Sciences

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BCD Fair
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Research Interests

The Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Science group in the department of Psychology provides a sound training in experimental approaches to basic and applied research in the fields of higher-order cognition, cognitive development, neuroscience, and perception and action .


One of the key characteristics of our program is that doctoral students work closely with faculty on all aspects of the research process from conception to fruition. It is common for our graduate students to work one-on-one with faculty to publish research articles and make presentations at national and international conferences. Although our research is theoretically motivated, a distinctive aspect of the Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental group is that much of the work involves applied research into real-world problems . Faculty in the program utilize a diverse set of methodological approaches including a number of cutting edge technologies, such as virtual environments, adaptive interfaces, psychophysiological recording technologies, behavioral (motion) tracking, andin vivo monitoring and manipulation of brain circuitry using animal models.

The BCD faculty embrace a  scholar-teacher model and philosophy . Undergraduate participation in the research process is a core focus at Miami, thus graduate students are provided extensive opportunities to teach and mentor undergraduate students. Many of our current and former graduate students have received a Doctoral Undergraduate Opportunity Scholarship (DUOS) to support their own research as they mentor undergraduate students. We feel our graduate students play an important role in nurturing and growing our vibrant, multicultural and diverse departmental community.With the broad, but personal training received through our program, students have been very successful in finding postdoctoral opportunities, academic positions (tenure track), and industry positions (both government and commercial).

Join Us

Students are highly encouraged to contact potential research advisors directly. Faculty in the Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Sciences area who are currently accepting graduate students are listed below.