Featured Psychology Alumni


Dr. K. Jean Forney '11, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Ohio University

After graduating from Miami University with a B.A. in Psychology, Jean Forney earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Florida State University in 2018.  Dr. Forney is now an assistant professor of psychology at Ohio University who specializes in eating disorders. Jean studies how psychological, social and biological factors interact in the development and maintenance of eating disorders.

Dr. Forney is a 2019 18 of the Last 9 Honoree, Miami's prestigious award for young alumni.

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Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas '13, Marketing Automation Analyst at GE

“The knowledge I gained from working in classrooms and research laboratories was priceless in building a solid foundation for what I would build upon after graduating,” said Thomas. “It was then that I realized I had truly been passionate about data analytics all along and finally put a title to that passion.”

Thomas’ job at General Electric is all about analyzing data and presenting it in a way that is tangible for all levels of stakeholders. She designs dashboards that help her digital team quickly interpret the visual story and take away action items that will improve impact in future initiatives.

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Lauren Davidson

Chuck Konrad '89, Director of Global Technical Recruiting and Veterans Programs at Palo Alto Networks

Chuck Konrad (Miami '89) feels that what he loved about psychology is that he could use that degree regardless of what he wanted to do after college. "Studying human behavior made sense to me," Konrad said. "Whatever you do is going to have to deal with people."

Konrad is currently the Director of the Global Technical Recruiting & Military Veterans Program at Palo Alto Networks, cybersecurity company. He also runs global talent acquisition.

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Wilson Cardwell '08, Graduate Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Cardwell is currently a graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he is studying for a license as a school counselor in mental health therapy. Wilson was honored in 2016 as one of the alumni recipients of Miami's prestigious 18 of the Last 9 award. 

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Ida Lieszkovsky-Hargitai '09, Freelance Reporter

Lieszkovsky-Hargitai is a reporter who double majored in Psychology and Journalism. She says, "When I came to Miami University, I knew I wanted to major in psychology. I was always fascinated by the way people work, what makes them tick, what makes them think a certain way or do a certain thing, or behave a certain way, what makes us the same, what makes us different."