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 Day of the Dead skull and flowers
 Brazil skyline
 Machu Picchu

Administrative contacts

Advising (e.g. course issues, scheduling, and related questions)


Questions about the placement test and course placement


Language course coordination (i.e. 100- and 200-level courses)

Ms. Julie Szucs
(513) 529-1291

Lead Departmental Advisor (LDA)
Contact spanishadvising unless referred to Ms. Ironstrack

Ms. Tamise Ironstrack
(513) 529-4509 

Graduate Director (combined BA-MA program)

Dr. José Domínguez-Búrdalo
(513) 529-4520

Lusophone Studies advisor

Dr. Paula Gândara
(513) 529-6039 

Transfer credit for Spanish 101-102

Ms. Ginny DeVito
(513) 529-4502

Hamilton campus coordination

Ms. Jill Gómez
(513) 785-3006

Middletown campus coordination

Ms. Leah Henson
(513) 727-3203


Dr. Luis (Iñaki) Prádanos-Garcia
(513) 529-2527 (chair's office)
(513) 529-4500 (department office)

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Stephen R. Sauer II
(513) 529-4500