Fall 2010

John Karro | Miami University

"Evaluation and Optimization of Spaced Seed Sets"

Bob Davis Emily Murphree | Miami University

"World Statistics Day"

Bob Noble | GlaxoSmithKline

"Why Bayes?"

Jackie Miller | Ohio State University

"Perspectives on Motivating Large Introductory Statistics Courses"

Spring 2011

Byran Smucker | Miami University

"Candidate-List-Free Exchange Algorithms for Exact, Model-Robust Designs"

Joel Best | University of Delaware

"Damned Lies and Statistics"

Mi-Ok Kim | Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

"Semiparametric Approach to a Random Effects Quantile Regression Model"

Vicki Hertzberg | Emory University

"My Road from Oxford to Atlanta: I didn't follow I-75"

Prakash Patil | University of Birmingham (UK)

"Measuring Asymmetry"

Rick Hertzberg | Biomathematics Consulting

Monica Jackson | American University

"Direct Global Clustering Patterns and Outliers on Spatially Correlated Data for Disease Surveillance"