Fall 2011

William Meyers | Procter and Gamble

"Statistics at the Procter & Gamble Company"

David Friedenberg | Battelle

"Learning Structure from High-Dimensional Data Using Seld-Tuning Diffusion Framework"

Philip Scinto | The Lubrizol Corporation

"Screening for Fuel Economy: A Case Study of Supersaturated Designs in Practice"

Ronald Rice | RPM International

"The Game Theory of Running a Business"

Spring 2012

Nora Moushey | Western & Southern

Heike Hofmann | Iowa State University

"Visual Communication: an Undergraduate Statistics Course"

Anna Oganyan | Georgia Southern University

"Mixture Model Approach for Synthetic Data Generation in Statistical Disclosure Limitation"

Jim Rosenberger | Penn State University

"Identification of Dispersion Factors in Robust Parameter Design Experiments"

Jing Zhang | Miami University

"Bayesian Potency Estimation in Aquatic Toxicity Testing"

Leslie Vickery | HSBC/Capital One

David Dickey | North Carolina State University

"Data Mining Tutorial"