Invited Speaker Series

Spring 2016

Xiaoqian Sun | Clemson University

"Bayesian Variable Selection in Maximum Entropy Quantile Regression"

Dennis Lock | The Miami Dolphins

"Using Random Forests to Estimate In-Game Win Probability"

Greg Matthews | Loyola University Chicago

"openWAR: An open source system for overall player performance in major league baseball."

Regina Nuzzo | Gallaudet

"P-Values:  Worth an Official Decree?"

Robert Park | CDC/NIOSH

"Interpreting Non-Linear Poisson Regression Models with Highly Classified Data."

Barry Nussbaum |President-elect of the American Statistical Association

"What Did They Say You Just Said?"

Kirk Mueller | Bureau of Labor Statistics 

"Measuring Opportunity-One Statistician's Contributions to the 100-Year History of Current Employment Statistics"

Fall 2015

David Friedenberg | Batelle Labs

"A Neural Bypass System- Data Analysis Challenges"

Michael Anderson | Batelle Labs

"Evaluating the Effects of Commercial Vehicle Information Systems at Preventing Large Truck Crashes"

Brad Boehmke | Air Force

"Material Command Studies and Analysis Directorate Data Wrangling with R"

Volodymyr Melnykov | University of Alabama

"Merging Mixture Components for Clustering"

Trevor Butterworth | Sense About Science USA

"Words Are Not Enough: Why Statistics is the New Journalism"

Cathie Spino | Michigan Biostat

"Comparing and Communicating Adaptive Designs for a Dose-Ranging Study"

Tatjana Miljkovic | Miami University

"Loss Modeling with a Mixture of Distributions"