Statistical methods are increasingly in use in decision making and data analysis in business and industry. Moreover, basic research in the biological, management, and social sciences, as well as in some areas of humanities, is also increasingly statistical in nature. As a result, demand for persons knowledgeable in the science of statistics is on the rise. The minor in Statistics provides a program in statistics suitable for students with good mathematical abilities.

Program Requirements

All of these:
MTH251 Calculus II or MTH249 Calculus II
STA301 Applied Statistics*
STA401 Probability
STA463 Regression Analysis**
STA466 Experimental Design Methods

Choose ONE of the following:
STA333 Nonparametric Statistics
365 Statistical Monitoring and Design of Experiments
402 Statistical Programming
404 Advanced Data Visualization
427 Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
432 Survey Sampling in Business
462 Inferential Statistics
475 Data Analysis Practicum
483 Analysis of Forecasting Systems

*Students with credit for STA261 or ISA205 may substitute that course for STA 301
**Has MTH222 as a prerequisite.
For course descriptions please see the bulletin pages for MTH and STA.