Undergraduate Program

Students earn a minimum of 12 college credits toward graduation during their first semester in the ACE Program. The specially designed curriculum includes three courses focused on supporting an understanding of both English rhetoric and American culture, as well as acclimation to an American university setting.


All undergraduate ACE students take these required courses:

ACE 051 - Academic English Structure & Application

Required for students with 60-64 TOEFL; includes tutoring

ACE 112 - Advanced Communication Strategies: Speaking & Listening (5 cr)

ACE 113 - Reading & Writing in Academic Contexts (4 cr)

American Culture Course

Students will be assigned one of these courses:

  • AMS 205 - Introduction to American Studies
  • POL 142 - American Politics & Diversity

In addition students with 65-79 TOEFL may choose one optional elective course (2-5 cr) from those offered to ACE students in a given semester. Recent options have included calculus, art, horseback riding, racquetball, and personal nutrition.

Completion Requirements

In order to meet the requirements of their conditional admission, ACE students must earn a grade of:

  • B- or better in both ACE 112 and ACE 113
  • C or better in the American Culture Course

Students who do not meet these requirements will have a second chance the following semester to retake the needed course(s). If they fail the requirements after two semesters, they may not continue their studies at Miami.

Once students successfully complete the program, they are fully admitted into Miami University.

All undergraduates must complete requirements in place at the time of their matriculation to the University, including those for the Miami Plan, College of Arts and Science, and major. For more information, see the General Bulletin.