Graduate Program

The ACE Graduate Program, referred to as ACE-G, provides international graduate students with one semester (12 credits) of course work in English language to prepare them for entry and full admission into their graduate programs the following semester. Outside of a summer program option, ACE-G students are enrolled in classes with undergraduate students in fall and spring semesters.


ACE 612 - Advanced Communication Strategies in Graduate Disciplines (5 cr)

ACE 613 - Advanced Reading & Writing in Graduate Disciplines (4 cr)

ACE 619 - Speaking & Presentation for Graduate International Students (2 cr)

Independent Study (1 cr)


Completion Requirements

In order to meet the requirements of their conditional admission, ACE-G students must earn a grade of:

  • B or better in all four required courses

Students who do not meet these grade requirements will have a second chance the following semester to retake the needed course(s). If they fail to meet the requirements after two semesters, they are unable to continue their studies at Miami.

Once students successfully complete the program, they are fully admitted into Miami University.