Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I spend in the undergraduate American Culture and English (ACE) Program?

Most students complete ACE in one semester. Upon successful completion of the program, undergraduate ACE students continue to work toward completing their major and earning their degree.

Why are there different classes for the American Culture course?

Each American Culture course will support students through both an understanding of American culture as well as the ability to navigate their studies and lives in the USA. They have similar learning outcomes, even though the themes may vary.

In addition, each course offered is a Miami Plan Foundation Course: it fulfills one of the graduation requirements for a liberal education course taken to support critical thinking and written communication. ACE students take these courses in sections dedicated only to them. This course is a part of the ACE core curriculum, and students must successfully pass this course in order to complete ACE.

Is there a separate application process and fee?

No. ACE Program applicants should apply via the regular Miami University application process. If you are admitted through ACE, you will follow the regular confirmation and enrollment processes and procedures.

Will I still be able to graduate within 4 years?

Yes. The ACE Program is designed to enable undergraduate ACE students to graduate in 4 years, the same as other Miami students.

Can I go to the Farmer School of Business, even if I go to ACE first?

Yes. The Farmer School of Business will consider your application, if you attend ACE. Even if you choose not to take an elective in your first semester while you are in ACE, you can still apply to the Farmer School.