"Climate Commitment": Signing of Second Nature's PCLC

September 22; 12 pm

President Greg Crawford will sign the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments (PCLC) Climate Commitment, the most comprehensive of the PCLC, in a virtual signing ceremony. Join President Crawford, members of Miami's new Climate Action Task Force executive steering committee, the office of sustainability, the City of Oxford's Mayor, Mike Smith, and Second Nature's president Tim Carter …

Medical Ethics Discussion

October 14; 1 - 3 pm

Watch a short video about Dax Cowart and join the Mallory-Wilson Center and the Miami University Bioethics Society in a discussion about this case's implications on medical ethics and healthcare …

Dr. Margaret Green: Infectious Disease Specialist

October 15; 6:30 - 8 pm

Dr. Green is an infectious disease specialist in Seattle, on faculty at the University of Washington. She has been working on the front lines treating patients with COVID-19 since the outset of the pandemic. She will be discussing the physical and emotional challenges that the pandemic has wrought, not only on patients and their families, but also on physicians and other healthcare providers …