Recent Professional Service Projects


  • Transforming a Former Soccer Field into an Educational Space in the Miami University Natural Areas
  • Improving Biodiversity in a Short-Grass Prairie at the Edge of the Farm Conservation Area
  • Conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the City of Oxford, Ohio


  • Examining the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy: A Feasibility Study for Oxford, Ohio
  • Developing Strategies to Reduce Contamination at Drop-Off Recycling Facilities in Adams and Clermont Counties


  • Complying with Stormwater Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Requirements
  • Developing a Children's Program for Village Green Farmers Market
  • Elk Creek Watershed Inventory


  • Hueston Woods Golf Course Sanctuary Certification Through Audubon International
  • Updating Commuter and Air Travel Mileage for Miami University's Carbon Footprint
  • Rush Run Wildlife Area Invasive Plant Management


  • Promoting Local Food in Hamilton, Ohio: Connecting Restaurants and Producers
  • Community Outreach for the Aukerman Creek Restoration Project


  • An Example Outreach and Marketing Plan for Brown County Solid Waste Authority
  • Stormwater Management in Oxford, Ohio: An Inventory of Structural Best Management Practices and Recommendations for Effective Outreach and Marketing


  • Towards a Carbon Action Plan: Updating Miami University's Carbon Footprint
  • Hueston Wood State Park Bikeway Feasiblity Study
  • Four Mile Creek Watershed Inventory


  • Union County, Indiana, Parks and Recreation Board: Striving to Meet the Community's Recreational Needs
  • Development of Edcuational Uses for Talawanda High School Natural Areas
  • Using Community-Based Social Marketing to Foster Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Clermont County, Ohio


  • Managing Storm Water Runoff in Clermont County, Ohio
  • Assessing Ohio's Drinking Water Quality
  • Erosion Control in Bull Run, Oxford, Ohio
  • Warren County Energy Conservation


  • Crawford House Sustainable Living, Hamilton, Ohio
  • Preble County Historical Society: Wetland Education
  • Feasiblity Analysis: Low Impact Development in Oxford, Ohio
  • Carbon Sequestration Potential of Trees in Oxford, Ohio


  • City of Oxford, Ohio Assessment of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact
  • Comprehensive Survey of Stream Water Quality in New Miami and St. Clair Township
  • Energy Audit and Carbon Footprint for Miami University and Oxford, Ohio
  • Hamilton County Climate Initiative
  • Cincinnati Zoo Educational Opportunities


  • Daylighting Crawford's Run
  • Environmental Management Plan for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
  • "Good Housekeeping Practices" for the Prevention of Pollution in Stormwater Runoff from Warren County Municipal Facilities
  • Union County Parks and Recreation Long-Term Plan Proposal


  • Flood Risk Perceptions in Butler County, Ohio
  • Habitat Restoration: Native Warm Season Grasses
  • Over-The-Rhine: Community Greening Efforts in a Marginalized Neighborhood
  • White Tailed Deer in Oxford, Ohio: Population Asssessment and Community Implications Deer Population


  • Discover Spring! An Educational Program for Ohio Audubon Society
  • Nutrient Loading In Retention Ponds: Improving Water Quality While Decreasing Maintenance Warren County, Ohio
  • Promotion of Bicycling as a Viable Form of Transportation in Oxford, Ohio
  • Stormwater Runoff: Mitigation Strategies for Construction, Clermont County, Ohio


  • Collection of Baseline Data to Track Progress of Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District's Phase II Permit Requirements
  • Recycling in Clermont County: Raising Awareness
  • Three Valley Conservation Trust Watershed Inventory


  • Environmental Assessment and Historical Analysis of a Reach of Mill Creek Butler County, Ohio
  • Greenspace and Urbanization in Greater Cincinnati
  • Pollution Prevention Recommendations and Public Education For Clermont County Phase II Storm Water Compliance


  • Alternative Land-use Feasibility Study for the Muskopf Road Wellfield
  • Inventory and Conservation Evaluation of the Indian Creek Watershed for the Three Vally Conservation Trust
  • Ohio Open Burning Reduction Campaign
  • The Reduction and Reuse of Lime Sludge Residuals from the City of Hamilton South Water Treatment Plant