Faculty/Staff Spotlight

These are the people, faculty, staff, and alumni, who are helping to make a difference for Miami students pursuing careers in healthcare. The time and enery they contribute helps enable Miami students realize their career dreams.

Meredith Erb

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Faculty/Staff Recognition Award - 2022

She taught us great studying and learning techniques that I have used throughout my college career and will continue to use. I have never had a professor who is as genuinely interested and involved with her students' success.

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Rose Marie Ward

Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health 
Faculty/Staff Recognition Award - 2021

She has provided numerous opportunities for me (and others) that have greatly influenced my medical school applications and acceptances. Overall, she genuinely cares about every student's success and goes the extra mile to make sure we achieve our goals.”

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Tailyn Walborn

Mallory-Wilson Center
Pre-Health Professions Advisor
Faculty/Staff Recognition Award - 2020

Working at the Mallory-Wilson Center is great because I like to come up with new ideas to reach students. We're funded and supported by alumni, so we have more flexibility. If I’m interested in focusing on networking or the mental health of our students, the alumni are excited and want to see a proposal.”

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Matthew McMurray

Department of Psychology
Faculty/Staff Recognition Award - 2019

The level of involve­ment that he encourages in his lab and the level of independence this entails is nearly unmatched at Miami. Many of us will work 15-20 hours a week on our independent projects, allowing us to gain an immense depth of experience as undergraduates.

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Pre-Health Advisory Committee

This group of dedicated faculty members represent 10 different departments and 3 different academic divisions. All of them contribute significant time and effort in reviewing mock applications and conducting mock interviews in our PMD 301 course, and participate in other Mallory-Wilson Center programming efforts.