Undergraduate Research

Microbiology students working in a biosafety cabinet Microbiology students working in a biosafety cabinet
 Psychology student preparing to use an EEG machine Psychology student preparing to use an EEG machine
 Immunology students performing tissue culture Immunology students performing tissue culture
Ecology students examining Antarctic algae cultures Ecology students examining Antarctic algae cultures

Consider the possibilities

Undergraduate research can open doors for you! Whether on campus in Oxford or halfway around the world, you can join the thousands of Miami students engaged in exciting activities that range from painting murals in an urban neighborhood to plant identification for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma to working towards medical breakthroughs. You might even find yourself co-authoring published research papers and presenting findings at professional conferences. 

Get started!

Premedical student involved in a summer research fellowshipPremedical student Lyndsey Gregerson (L) involved in a summer research fellowship

Get the most out of your undergraduate training by getting involved in undergraduate research. Last year, more than 2,800 Miami undergraduates conducted faculty-mentored research.Contact Miami faculty members with research programs that interest you to explore the possibilities.


Development of a research proposal can help you focus your efforts and provide a roadmap for getting results. Check out some of the grant opportunities at Office of Research for Undergraduates (ORU) that are available to help support your research.  ORU provides a central focus for the encouragement and support of undergraduate research at Miami University. It administers a variety of funding and exhibition programs for undergraduates, including the Undergraduate Research Award Program (URA), the Undergraduate Summer Scholars (USS), the Doctoral Undergraduate Opportunity Scholarships (DUOS), and the Undergraduate Research Forum (URF).

Research Facilities

Explore the range of research facilities at Miami.

  • Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (CBFG) at Miami University is a state-of-the-art research and training facility available for all members of the university. The CBFG provides tools for preparing DNA samples for research and for determining the sequence of these DNA samples..
  • Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging (CAMI) is an all-University research, teaching and service facility. The EMF provides instruction and consultation in transmission and scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy, and digital imaging for undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, faculty, and staff.
  • Ecology Research Center (ERC) is a focal site for pertinent ecological research and exceptional educational activities in southwest Ohio. The ERC provides multiple field sites and facilities for aquatic research, terrestrial research, ecological activities, and classroom lectures.
  • Animal Care Facilities are housed in the Psychology Building. These facilities provide a modern, state-of-the-art, self-contained complex which includes 15 animal rooms, two quarantine rooms, three laboratories, two aquatic rooms, four environmental chambers and a cage washing/sterilization area. Two animal rooms are designated for the study of class 1 and class 2 agents of infectious disease. Technical staff are available to assist and supervise animal care.

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