Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Prerequisite Courses:

Can an applicant have courses in progress when applying to the program?

A candidate may have up to 2 courses in progress the semester prior to starting (matriculating) into the program. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure all pre-requisite course work is completed on time and in a satisfactory manner.

What if I still have some other prerequisite work pending at the time of application, such as health care hours or shadowing hours?

As long as you have an achievable plan that can be met by our deadline you can apply to the program and be considered for interviews. Please make sure you use the custom questions within CASPA to explain your plan on how you will be completing any outstanding course work or healthcare experiences.

What is the cost to apply to the program?

CASPA charges $179 for the first program you apply to and $55 for each additional program. CASPA does offer a fee waiver program for more details please visit.

If I were to retake a course how will the program calculate my GPA?

If a course is being retaken the program will calculate your cumulative and science GPA using the higher grade. A course may not be taken more than two times (if a candidate retakes a course more than 2 times, we will consider the first two attempts).

Is there a minimum grade requirement for prerequisite coursework?

Yes, a candidate has to attain a grade of C or higher on any prerequisite coursework and no more than 2 courses may have a grade of C.

Can I apply to the program if I have not yet obtained my Bachelor’s degree?

Yes, you may but please explain within the application your plan to attain your degree prior to starting (matriculating) the program in May.

What type of experiences count towards direct patient care hours?

Think of direct patient care hours as providing healthcare to patients, these tend to be more hands-on experiences. These hours can be paid or voluntary in nature. We will accept hours obtained as a nurse’s aide, nursing assistant, medical assistant, STNA, EMT, PT aide, paramedic etc. At this time, we will also accept scribing and pharmacy technician experience but please note “hands-on” experiences we find are more valuable to students during the interview process and when matriculating into the program.

Does the program require a Medical Terminology course?

No, Medical Terminology is included as part of the curriculum of the program. Prior certification or coursework does not allow a student to obtain advance standing.

Does my coursework expire? How old can my prerequisite course be?

All prerequisite coursework needs to be completed within 10 years of matriculation into the program (starting the program in May), except Anatomy & Physiology with labs need to be completed within 5 years of matriculating into the program. The PA Program curriculum is very rigorous and we want to ensure every student’s success within the program.

Does the program require the GRE? Is there a minimum score?

Yes, Miami University’s PA Program does require the GRE but we do not have a minimum score. Our program code is 3372. To be a competitive candidate during the selection process it is encouraged to have a combined score of 300 in the quantitative and verbal sections and a writing score above 4.

How recent do the GRE scores need to be?

GRE has to be taken within 5 years of matriculating into the program.

What is the cost to take the GRE? Where can I register?

Registration fee for the General GRE is $205. You can register at . Please send your scores through CASPA and our Miami University PA Program code is 3372. Please note GRE does offer a Fee Reduction Program, please visit the link before for more details.

Questions on Admissions Process:

What is the best advice you could give a candidate interested in your program?

Apply early! The program has rolling admissions meaning, decisions as made as interviews are conducted. The CASPA portal opens at the end of April each year.

Are there preferences given to candidates during the application process?

Yes, we give preference to graduates of Miami University, Veterans of the armed forces, candidates with research experience, candidates that live in a rural, partially rural or Appalachian county in Ohio as stated on our website. Preference is also given to candidates with higher GPAs, those with higher direct patient care experience and those with more shadowing hours. We will perform a holistic review of the candidate’s application looking at academic and non-academic attributes such as are they a first-generation college student, come from an economically disadvantaged background, demonstrated service, leadership, commitment to their community and those that are underrepresented minorities in medicine. Please note this is not an all-encompassing list but just a few of the attributes our admissions committee will be looking for.

Do you accept International Applicants?

International students may apply but must meet the same requirements for admissions as stated for all candidates. All international students must also provide proof of English language proficiency per University policy listed here. All international transcripts from an institution in any country other than the United States must have a course-by-course evaluation, plus determination of letter grade equivalence. Either of the following agencies may be used for international transcript evaluation: World Education Services or Education Credentials Evaluators.

Does Miami University’s PA program sponsor visas for international students?


Does Miami University’s PA program offer advanced standing?

No, there is no acceleration or advanced placement regardless of prior experience, certification or degree.

When will the program conduct interviews?

The program conducts rolling admissions, therefore as applications are reviewed within CASPA interviews will be conducted between May – March until the cohort is full.

Does the program require a background check?

Yes, each candidate offered a seat within the program will be required to complete a BCI and FBI background check.

How many students will be accepted into the program?

Our first cohort will be no more than 20 students, subsequent cohort sizes will be no more than 36.

Questions about the Program:

What is the length of the program?

The program is 27 months in length. The first 15 months approximately is the didactic phase (classroom phase) and the last 12 months clinical phase of education. Program will begin in May and end July/August 27 months later.

What is the structure of the PA Program Curriculum?

The curriculum is organized to be system based and modular in design.

Can I attend the program part-time? Can I work while in the program?

There is no part-time option available. The PA Program is extremely rigorous and demanding therefore students are discouraged to work while in the didactic and clinical phase of education.

How many rotations and clinical electives are offered within the curriculum?

Our program offers 12 rotations in varying specialties such as internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, behavioral health, surgery, emergency medicine and orthopedics. We also offer 3 structured electives within internal medicine, family medicine and emergency medicine. We also offer one open clinical elective.

Does the program require a capstone project for graduation?

Yes, students are required to develop a professional public health poster presentation, display leadership within a clinical topic presentation and finalize a research manuscript for submission by the time of graduation.

As a student is it my responsibility to find my own rotation sites?

No, students are NOT required to provide or solicit for clinical sites or preceptors. The program will place students on clinical rotations with qualified and licensed preceptors who meet the ARC-PA standards. Students are always welcome to make suggestions if they know of someone interested in becoming a preceptor.

Will Miami University offer housing to PA students?

No, Miami does not offer housing for PA students. Some graduate students, in other programs, do apply to live in on-campus housing as a paid Graduate Resident Director. Due to our strict policy regarding outside employment, it is best for students to find housing off-campus. To help make your apartment search easier consider using Miami’s Off-Campus Housing Website.

What is the cost of tuition? Does it differ from in-state vs out of state residents?

No, there is no difference in cost of attendance for in-state or out of state residents.

When I graduate from the program and begin practicing, will I be called a physician associate?

While the profession has proposed a name change and the program uses the physician associate studies title to reflect it's curriculum, graduates who successfully complete their PANCE, seek and are awarded a license in the state of Ohio at this time will be licensed to practice as "physician assistants"

ARC Related Policies:

All program policies apply to all students, principal faculty, and directors of Miami University and PA Program. In cases where policies need to be superseded at Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) sites, a signed clinical affiliation agreement or memorandum of understanding must be executed and specify which program policies will be superseded by those at the clinical site (in accordance with Fifth Ed. Standards, A1.01, A3.01).

Are any classes for the PA program held at any Miami University branch campuses or online courses? A1.05

No, the Miami University Physician Associate Program is only taught at the Oxford, Ohio Campus.

Will I be required to obtain clinical rotation sites and/or preceptors for my clinical year? A3.03

Students are prohibited from contacting and making any contractual/training arrangements for their own clinical placements. It is the responsibility of Miami University PA Program to identify and schedule sites used for the Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences.

Will I be able to work for the PA Program while enrolled as a student? A3.04

The Miami University Physician Associate Program reflects policies consistent with the ARC-PA, prohibiting students from working for the program.

What are the Miami University PA Program immunization policy? A3.07

Immunizations are extremely important to students during their tenure at Miami University’s PA Program and as future medical professionals. Students matriculating into the program are required to maintain current immunizations as stated by the CDC Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare Workers. Vaccination status will be verified (either with proof of vaccination vs titers drawn) by Exxat APPROVE compliance management system.

What resources does Miami University offer to help facilitate student success? A3.10

Enrolled students will be paired with a faculty advisor to help navigate their time in our program. Faculty advisors will offer support, professional mentorship and advice during their time in the program and will assist with timely referrals. However, Miami University also has multiple on-campus resources available for students.

Are there any admission requirements regarding prior education or work experience? A3.13b

Applicants to Miami University’s PA Program must have a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a minimum natural science GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students are also required to have a minimum of 20 hours shadowing a PA in a clinical setting and a minimum of 200 hours patient care work experience However, applicants are reminded that the program is competitive and what is required is the minimum. Accomplishing these requirements alone does not guarantee an interview or entry into the program.

Are there any practices for awarding or granting advanced placement? A3.13c, A3.16

No, There are no acceleration or advance standing/placement in Miami University PA Program regardless of prior experience or degree.

Are there any academic standards for enrollment? A3.13d

Applicants to Miami University’s PA Program must have a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a minimum natural science GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants are also not allowed to have more than 2 prerequisites in progress during the semester prior to beginning the program. No applicant who was dismissed from, or discontinued their participation in, a health professional program due to an academic deficiency or non-academic policy violation(s) will be considered for admission.

Are any technical standards required for enrollment? A3.13e

Yes, please refer to our Technical Standards.

How will I receive access to all the program policies for the Didactic and Clinical Years? A3.02

In Accordance with the ARC Standards, A3.02, students will be able to receive a copy of the policies with access to the University (CANVAS) website. This will be reviewed on the first day of class and students will be required to sign an attestation affirming their intention to comply with those standards.