2009 Student Spotlight

Jan Shanklin

(Class of 2009)

photo of Jan Shanklin"I love the [Pre-Law] programs; every one that I attended was extremely interesting and useful."

Read what Jan had to say about her senior project and a constitutional crisis within Associated Student Government.

Eric Cook

(Class of 2009)

photo of Eric Cook"[Pre-Law] programming helped keep me on task … The writing programs also really helped me. Overall it helped me figure out a lot of things that I should do throughout the whole process."

Read what Eric had to say about undergraduate research, Gentlemen of Distinguished Character, and balance.

Davis Mello

(Class of 2009)

photo of Davis Mello"I took three classes in the political science department with Dr. Jones that were fantastic … Those were all great and hopefully they will prepare me a little bit for law school."

Read what Davis had to say about being on the swimming team and the source of his interest in law.