2016 Student Spotlight

Marla Guggenheimer

(Class of 2017)

photo of Marla Guggenheimer"Being part of the Western Program has truly been the best thing for me about Miami, because of the freedom to create my own individualized major. You form your course of study as it relates to your specific interest, and this makes it relevant, interesting, and exciting to learn—after all, you're learning the things that you're most passionate about!"

Read what Marla had to say about her commitment to promoting environmentally-sustainable thought and practice.

Rowland Taylor

(Class of 2017)

photo of Rowland Taylor"Since I was already beginning to think in an interdisciplinary way on my own, the Western Program seemed like a great fit. I just didn't think I could study just one major and fulfill my academic goals in 4 years, but Western has given me a way to accomplish that."

Read what Rowland had to say about the path to his self-designed Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies major.