Alumni Spotlight

Alumni reflect on the uniqueness and value of their Western education, and recall their 'best' and 'worst' memories.

Jeffrey Patton

(Class of 1988)

photo of Jeffrey Patton"Students are asked to take positions, criticize, and expose internal inconsistencies. This is not the case in many undergraduate programs, and I can't imagine one that does it better than Western."

Read what Jeffrey had to say about Western's key elements and core values.

Pulkit Datta

(Class of 2008)

photo of Pulkit Datta"For a medium-sized, red-brick university campus planted in the middle of corn fields and more corn fields, Miami has an amazing wealth of opportunities … Through Miami's curriculum, specifically at Western, I was able to take strides in learning outside the classroom using the critical thinking that we practiced so often in seminars."

Read how Pulkit came to choose Western and the surprises he encountered.

Madeline J. Iseli

(Class of 1985)

photo of Madeline J. Iseli"The Western College Program pushed us to fully engage in our own learning, to chart our own courses. As a result, we felt a profound sense of responsibility, not only for ourselves, but to our community, and to the larger world, as well."

Read what Madeline had to say about the impact a Western education had on her career path.

Ming Tak Martin Yip

(Class of 2008)

photo of Ming Tak Martin Yip"Besides making many lifelong friends, I was empowered to be an active member of the world … many students study abroad in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, or do community work for the underprivileged in neighboring areas."

Read what Martin had to say about choosing Western and his undergraduate research.

Barbara A. Knuth

(Class of 1980)

photo of Barbara A. Knuth"The residential learning experience and interactions with faculty on campus … was quite influential in my own excitement and engagement on campus as a student … At Western, I saw the benefits to students from such close faculty interactions, but also perceived that faculty realized real benefits from their interactions as well."

Read what Barbara had to say about how the Western community experience shaped her participation in other communities.

James Francis Flynn

(Class of 2003)

photo of James Francis Flynn"From my perspective, there are two things that made Western truly special and beneficial as a college experience. The first is that the program was an interdisciplinary one that focused on the connections between various disciplines … The second is that Western was committed to being a living/learning community.""

Read what James had to say about the value of an interdisciplinary education.