Brittany Jones (Class of 2010)

photo of Brittany Jones

  • senior English major
  • minor in Political Science
  • from Cincinnati, OH
  • recipient of the 2010 President's Distinguished Service Award
  • interned with the United States Supreme Court
  • plans to attend law school

"Hi! I am Brittany Jones and unfortunately I am a senior here at Miami. I say 'unfortunately' because, even though I'm happy to be completing my undergrad in 4 years, I hate to leave this one-of-a-kind college town and all the experiences, opportunities and memories that my Miami experience has had to offer. Growing up in Cincinnati, I became familiar with Miami and its excellent reputation at a young age. When it came time to choose a college, I knew that I belonged at Miami, and with every semester that passes I become more and more grateful that I did.

"Oxford is a college town. You're surrounded by other students and professors and by the college academic and social scenes. Varsity sports, club sports, intramurals, working out at the Rec, running along the streets or studying at King Library, you'll find Miami students exercising their brains and their bodies!

"Miami's well-deserved academic status starts with a focus on a liberal education, which allows students to learn and explore many subjects. This makes Miami students more valuable outside of college because we have general knowledge in many fields and have learned how to think and analyze critically, regardless of subject matter. A liberal education also introduces Miami students to different topics that he/she may have a passion or desire to study further. For this reason, I encourage prospective students to come to college undecided and let your major and what you are passionate about find you.

"Furthermore, Miami offers numerous opportunities to learn outside of the classroom: in different cities, states, even countries, which provide students with unique, prestigious, hands-on opportunities.

"I've known for a long time that I'd continue my education as a grad student in law school. However, I was uncertain about my focus of study. Over time, I realized that I enjoy English—reading, analyzing, thinking critically, and writing. All of these skills are necessary for a lawyer. I'm also interested in politics and the way our country works, so I decided to minor in Political Science.

"At the end of my sophomore year, I moved to Washington DC and participated in the Inside Washington Program with 20 other Miami students. I interned for 6 weeks at the United States Supreme Court, which is a dream internship for any aspiring law student. I gained insight to the workings of the Court, learned the procedures first hand, and interacted with the Justices themselves. At the end of my internship, I was offered a paid position for the following summer, which I accepted. This past summer presented many more incredible opportunities, such as being one of 50 people in the room for Justice Sotomayor's private swearing-in ceremony. This program changed my life and confirmed that I am headed down the right career path.

"I'll look back on college with feelings of pride as a Miami Redhawk who has developed to be my best self and with feelings of accomplishment to have succeeded and pushed myself in classes that are difficult and challenging. I'll leave with memories of the fun and unforgettable moments with lifelong friends. I know that with the preparation and background that I received, my future holds great things. Miami is a life changing opportunity."

[October 2009]