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Help! I want to study something that is exciting
something that has a real impact
something that will not only get me a job but that will let me make a difference in the world.
Architecture and Interior Design are great majors that allow me to see my impact on the world around me.
At Miami University you get hands-on experience, get to study abroad and work with brilliant professors on a stunning campus.
So where do I start?
I need to apply to Miami University and submit a portfolio.
So what should I put in a portfolio? What are they looking for?
Miami University Architecture and Interior Design wants to see a portfolio that shows them who you are. It's a requirement for admission.
It gives Miami a valuable insight into your potential.
Sometimes students are admitted into their major because their portfolio is so strong even if the GPA and test scores are not.
So what should I put in a portfolio?
Drawings, prints, graphic design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and much more.
When selecting materials to include, think about the whole range of ways that you can tell us about yourself.
Here are some examples: Number one. Think about your technical skills. Still life drawings, paintings or models tell us what you can do with your hands. They are useful skills for a design student.
Number two. A collage, film or abstract work of art tells us you are thinking differently.
Number three. Do you have experience? Have you taken a class on CAD, architecture or interior design? Have you designed a room in your house? Show us that.
Number four. Sensibility. Architecture and interior design requires an eye for lighting effects, unusual points of view, material textures and how people behave in public spaces. Show us things like that in photographs, drawings and paintings. Remember, you’ll be able to write a few words to tell us what your images are.
For other ideas, you can also consider speaking with an art teacher in your high school.
But what if this still isn’t me? What if I haven’t taken any art classes?
When in doubt, show us a variety of things. Have you designed a set for a party or theatre class? Do you cosplay or have you designed a costume or a fashion outfit? Written a comic strip or choreographed a dance routine? You can show a whole range of things in photographs, drawings or short videos. Any of these can tell us more about you and your potential.
So what’s the next step?
Submit your portfolio. Submission should include 10-20 pieces of work.
For more information, log on to our website, MIAMIOH.EDU/ARCID/PORTFOLIO Link to admission plus portfolio to learn more. Link to slideroom to upload your portfolio.
Still have questions? Visit us online MIAMIOH.EDU send an email ARCID@MIAMIOH.EDU or give us a call (513) 529-7210
This is your first step on an incredible journey where you can design your future and make a difference in the world. So what are you waiting for? Submit today.