Cage Gallery

Beneath a striped glass floor, people's feet can be seen
A graffitti wall behind a tabletop rendering of a map of London
 Visitors mill around a tabletop rendering of a map of London
A crowd of people view a London exhibit in Cage Gallery
 Students and faculty in Cage during ARC 636 reviews
A woman is seen on the other side of chain link as she presents an exhibit
A wall of Cage Gallery displaying models and posters

The Cage Gallery, located in the lower level of Alumni Hall, provides ongoing exhibits of professional as well as student work within Architecture + Interior Design.

Spring 2020 Exhibition Schedule

faculty and students looking at writings and drawings posted on wall in cage gallery
Graduate Pre-thesis Soiree

February 2-22

Graduate students will present initial proposals for their thesis topics to develop over the coming year.

students looking out a window that has black silhouetteTIME FOR AN upDATE

February 23-March 7

Recent work from Miami University Center for Community Engagement. This installation features recent community and student works, including excerpts from written reflections, images of 1324 Race design/build, components from a November 2019 installation entitled Gentrification Displaces Memory, and representations of Time for an UPdate? our fringe contribution to Cincinnati's BLINK digital projection festival.


students in Luxembourg wearing hard hatsUrban Rooftop Landscape in Luxembourg

March 8-21

The studio proposal was to create a co-working, urban landscape atop a series of roofs. The site composed of flat and pitched roofs, as well as internal courtyards. The project challenged students to reconsider the roofs-cape as a new landscape altogether, with the potential for architecture to develop directly in the roofscape.



black and white geometric, blurry design imageDrawings for the Visually Impaired

April 5-18

This project will conduct an experiment using digital and mechanical processes of fabrication to re-create paintings, in ceramic, into a form that might be easier for those with visual impairments to experience.