NASAD Accreditation

Graduate student teaching Painting class
 Students work at rectangular tables with printouts and laptops in the communication design studio
A student gazes at a computer screen while he edits a digital photo
 A child holds up his artwork as a student teacher and other children work in the background of a Saturday Art class
 3D Studio students participate in a bronze pour
 An overhead view of students working at a table with print materials during ART 251 typography class

Miami University art and design majors/programs and the Department of Art are accredited through the National Schools of Art and Design. NASAD is the premier accrediting body for arts schools/colleges. Our last site visit was in 2006-07, with an upcoming visit in 2019. As stated in our full review document dated November 8, 2007:

"The NASAD Commission on Accreditation, at its October 2007 meetings, voted to continue Miami University in good standing."

The full-review document is available upon request (513-529-2900).